More than the change in modern-day business trends, it’s the approach which has seen a major shift. With a greater predilection towards messaging apps, business communities are trying their best, reaching out their customers through it. It has manifold advantages that simply one can’t overlook. In fact, it’s that much closer to become an indispensable aspect of every organization.

How must business organizations see this? What does consumer messaging apps has in store for them? What does this mean for entrepreneurs? You’re about to find out everything.

What statistics has to say?

Gartner report points out that, by the year 2019, 2.19 million consumers will be actively using consumer messaging apps. At this rate, it’s well on course to replace the traditional social media approach of consumers for seeking customer support.  Of course, cost containment has got be the primary reason for messaging to be received so well by everyone. On an average, it takes only $1 per interaction when compared to $6-$15 range of conventional phone interaction.

Connect with your trusted software

Messaging apps coupled with your utility or service software can prove to highly beneficial. Especially, in customer management, it becomes mighty useful. Business establishments who are mindful of that are urging for a messaging app that integrates with desired software. There isn’t any major development yet, apart from two or three top service providers having enabled this functionality already. Additionally, they can offer comprehensive e-commerce solutions too.

Marketing and endorsement

Taking off with your business isn’t a walk in the park, you need to be extremely patient to witness results. However, you just can’t afford to anticipate results after a lacklustre marketing engagements.

Imagine a case, where you get to have excellent and uninterrupted marketing solutions at a cost-effective means. Captivating one’s attention towards a brand becomes that much easier through consumer messaging apps. Obviously, it’s because of existing user presence. All you’re expected to do is, prepare a convincing marketing material in form of content, mass messages or even video.

Inclusion of Chatbots

2017 will be a year highly marked by the implementation of artificial intelligence on a larger-scale. Chatbots are always a valuable addition, if programmed perfectly they can result in a much better-streamlined workflow. This automated program offers real-time interaction, much faster and accurate than a human. It apprehends both text and voice inputs. Thereby, even opening up your chances of initiating a channel to sell products online. With future for e-commerce hanging in the balance, thousands of organization are doing the needful for Chatbots provision.

How can entrepreneurs benefit?

If an entrepreneur can maintain an all-inclusive consumer messaging app for crucial operations, the progression rate of business will be pretty good. It reduces time, increases competency and presents you a wider reach. For business aspirants who are looking for instant effect, this works in twin ways. It acts as a great tool for internal communication and business orientation.

Recently, Agriya has launched a Whatsapp clone script – BlaberChat. Built with several latest functionalities, it’s highly open for customization. Also, it aids in bringing about an instant messaging app script. Some of the advantageous features of Blaber chat includes,

1. Video file transfer up to 50mb.

2. Effective Facebook synchronization.

3. Adding 1000 members in a single group chat, which is expected to go even higher with future updates.

Final words:

Making the most out of technological advancements can really help in finding a steep progress. Businesslike communication tools are out there in large numbers. Analyze your needs first, get into the technological checklist for building chat app and then take a call.

BlaberChat to Develop WhatsApp Clone