The unparalleled growth of “Gig Economy” has generated more and more independent work professionals over the recent years. The increasing availability of freelance workforce is definitely an encouraging sign to every employer. What has contributed to this sort of reception among professionals is the fact that both work and location are decoupled. Also, this completely takes out the geographical barrier, which is a fascinating aspect that drives professionals here. On the whole, freelancing platform simply brings talents and businesses together seamlessly.

Numerous dedicated platforms are on the rise, helping both employers and professional find each other with detail-specific orientation.

Not to forget, setting up a freelancing platform takes profound research and adaptation. It isn’t as easy as one would imagine. At the same time, it isn’t a back-breaking task. Here, we take effort in explaining you the business model under which the marketplace operates. Also, we list down some crucial website functionalities which can make a serious positive impact.

Business Model

Well, its quite simple to understand and build a freelance marketplace platform on your part. Only a proper apprehension of business model will lead to effective website making.

Freelance Bidding Business Model

One who’s registered himself as an employer can readily post a job/project. Along with which he must provide the job description, completion period, and the budget limit. A freelancer can browse through the jobs posted or even can search for a particular job using the categorized filters. A freelancer who’s a registered member of the website alone can bid for a job. Their details must be submitted along with their proposal including time and cost estimation. Employers can review those set of information along with their ratings and reviews. Once done with the selection, employers can set the interaction up with the freelancer, discuss terms and get everything unfolds.

Revenue model

If you’re wondering about the ways to standardize revenue options, then this might certainly help.

Project listing fee:

For one to post or list jobs/project, listing fee should be paid to the administrator of the site.

Commission fee from Employers & freelancers:

The administrator will be paid with a certain amount as commission from the employer for choosing the best-fit freelancer. The same will be followed with freelancers too, once they win the project bid from the employer.

Urgent listing:

If an employer confronts a situation where a job/project is to be completed quickly or immediately, he can list those jobs under this separately formulated section, provided if you designate this option. Here, the commission fee will be a tad higher than what it would be for general listing.

Needless to say, you can also earn the profit by involving in tried and tested promotional engagements like Ad-captcha and Ad-banner.

Crucial inclusions-features and functionalities

With established practices, some improvisations are expected to be done to modernize the script’s working.

In a freelancing bidding script, you just can’t miss out on essential website incorporation like

Advanced search:

You wouldn’t have come across any freelancing website without this basic function. What you can do is revitalize it, in a way, that both freelancers and employers can find each other painlessly. Provision should be made to categorize the listed projects. On the whole, Job, location and skill-based search should be enabled.

Project management:

For an administrator, it’s quite essential to keep an eye on the proceedings. The script should be developed in such a way to allow an admin to flag, edit, approve, disapprove or suspend a project. At times of dispute, an admin has to step up with appropriate measures to keep things at bay. Simply, an admin must play the role of facilitator in validating one’s claims and later decide who receives the money.

Ratings and review:

This is of paramount importance, giving a wider stance for the employer to choose between several freelancers. Employers who worked with freelancers can be allowed to add reviews and ratings, which should be displayed right up in freelancer’s profile. It may be useful for the employers to find their trustworthiness and adeptness. Likewise, freelancers shall also be allowed to add the same things for the employers, so that other freelancers might get to know their expectations, attitude and working style. For freelancers, though, skill measure tests can be conducted to assess and rank them accordingly.
Design your script relevantly where both of them can review and rate only after the end of a project.

Payment gateways:

Everyone, looking forward to starting an online business will very much be mindful of this particular element of business. But again, how to standardize an ideal payment gateway? Well, your objective should be on developing a flexible one. One size fits all approach is what’s needed here, a powerfully integrated payment gateway with numerous service providers will be more than useful.

Final thoughts

After a substantial research of current market trends and developments, Agriya has developed a Freelancer clone script – Getlancer Bidding. We have built this script with extremely useful features and functionalities. With this ready-made script, one can start their freelancing marketplace almost instantaneously. Also, we help you personalize your business by providing valuable customization benefits as well.

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