It is strange to revert and realize that how far we’ve come from where we began. In fact, today we scale our rate of progress in terms of convenience; for we’ve got everything in our fingertips. Especially with the inception of on-demand marketplaces, it has become incredibly simple to hire service professionals. Despite the nature of the service you seek, an on-demand app can help you find the ideal service you need.

Imagine if you are a pet enthusiast and you are in an urgent need of someone to take care of your dog. This is how on-demand pet care is relevant to the millennial society. Since modern human life is so time-driven, we often struggle to efficiently distribute and manage the time we are given. At the same time, it isn’t advisable to give up things that drive little happiness and purpose to our life. On-demand marketplaces can take care of your emergency service needs, and thus help you manage your precious time without missing the things you love.

This article specifically focuses on rendering insights on on-demand dog walking app development; explains how exactly the platform works and what all functionalities have to be integrated.

How Does an On-demand Dog Walking Platform Work?

Much like all other service booking software, the sole notion of a dog walking platform is to connect the dog owners with available dog walkers via web/mobile platforms. However, almost every existing

Dog walking services take proper measures to ensure the authenticity of the service providers. Whereas users merely have to sign up and search for the right candidate that meets their expectations.

Since this sort of services are sensitive and demands great attention, it is important for the dog owners to meet the service providers. Also, the features such as geolocation tracking and more help users track the status of the service offered. Moreover, the dog walkers can share photos to update the user about how the dog is doing. However, the dog owners can either choose the one-time booking or scheduled booking with respect to their specific requirements.

Above all, every dog walking services offer inclusive support via phone or online. This help forms a sense of trust with the customer; for they now believe that the platform is taking responsibility for the service offered.

Dog Walker Platform Industry Statistics

Dog Walking Platform Statistics

On-demand Dog Walking Platform – Core Functionalities and Features

When it comes down to on-demand app development, there are certain functionalities and attribute one cannot miss. Here we list some of the crucial functionalities you must integrate with your next on-demand dog walking app.

Ensure Trustworthiness- Perform Background Check on Service Providers

It is a platform owner’s responsibility to guarantee the safety of the pets. And in order to ensure the same, they have to gather some information regarding the service providers. In fact, these essential data can be gathered during the authentication phase itself. If you are planning to set up a similar sort of business, these are the information you need to fetch from the service professionals.

  • Personal information including Photo, and details regarding age, gender, nationality and more
  • Exact address to help users find the services that are nearby
  • Phone number and Email as mediums of communication
  • Basic description of their business
  • Mention previous experiences and references
  • Price should be mentioned to avoid confusion

Track the Progress of the Service – Guarantee Maximum Safety for the Dog

It is important from a dog owner perspective to get informed about the progress of the service. Below listing out some of the aspects a dog walker should keep in mind while accepting the service request.


When it comes to on-demand pet care, it is vital to know the schedule and be ready to hand over the pet. Also, the dog walker should be keen about returning the dog after the walk.

Maps and Real-time Tracking

GPS tracking feature is a cruciality because no dog owners will accept your service offer unless they trust you. Real-time tracking help them to know what exactly the dog is doing and how relevant and efficient the service is.

Photos and live videos

Service providers can share pictures or even start streaming live videos of the dog real-time. Dog owners admire this practice because they can make sure the pet is safe as the service provider update them regularly.

Feedback from dog walkers

Apart from the user feedback, the dog walkers also should be given the privilege to mark their opinions.

Payments and Transactions

Since the on-demand business involves a large number of transactions, it is inevitable that you should integrate an efficient, reliable payment mechanism. In fact, it is recommended to integrate multiple payments to make it easy for users. Introduce cashless payments, virtual cash and other possible payment options to facilitate the payment process.

Well-renowned payment service providers such as Paypal, Stripe, Braintree etc can be considered while choosing a payment gateway for your service marketplace software.

Insights and Reports

To implement new approaches and strategies to enhance your platform experience, you should be able to understand your user’s expectations, pain points etc. By incorporating analytics tracking, you will be able to gather and decipher the information regarding user’s intentions, behaviours and more. And also, it will help you make many logical decisions based on the data received.

Deploy an All-encompassing Dog Walking Platform Right Away

Worried about developing an on-demand service booking app from scratch? Employ the ready-to-use service booking solution from Agriya and transform the same into an inclusive app platform in no time. Because it involves a multitude of features and functionalities, it can even publish the app without any further customizations. However, if you need some modifications, it can be done as well.

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