In the present age, where technological advancements are prominent in every aspect of our living, it’s not a surprise to see new businesses and startups are created with ease, especially in the online domain. The online learning platform was one of the major segments of the market that has surged exponentially in the past few years. Easy access to data, willingness to learn at their own convenience by the students and the ability to expand the revenue options by the tutors, can be attributed as the major factors for the popularity and success of the online education market space.

The demand for an efficient functioning online learning website is always on the rise and has led to the creation of multiple successful websites. Though they serve various niches and differentiate themselves with unique features, the core factors that determined the success of many of them remained the same.

Success Factors Of Major Online Education Websites

• Clear Objectives That Can Be Quantified

• Coherent Implementation of The Learning Management System

• A Strong And Proactive Team

• High-Quality Standards

• Established Risk Management Guidelines

• Proper Promotion And Communication Strategies

• Periodic Assessment Of Success

Key Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Clone Script

Ready-made scripts or clone scripts are ideal replications of the major successful websites and mobile and web applications They are smart and viable options to mirror the success of the originals. Choosing the right clone script is so crucial in determining the ascendancy and longevity of the business, especially the online learning and teaching market space. The following are some major factors to be considered before selecting an online learning software.

An online tutorial website consists of two prominent beneficiaries, the administrator and the users (both learners and tutors). It is very important to identify how a clone script should be useful to them separately, as both of them use an online learning website for the different purpose.


• Easy To Maintain With Necessary Automation

• Error-Free Progress Tracking System

• Effective Customization Tools

• Interactive Features To Match The Learners With The Suitable Tutors

• Ability To Scale-Up

• Uninterrupted Revenue Generation


• Simple Learning & Teaching Process

• Fluent Compatibility

• Sufficient Features

• Affordable And Secure Payment Options

Agriya’s Exciting Options for Online Learning Platform

Known for staying ahead of the trend cycle, Agriya and its team of experts have identified the need for robust clone scripts that can match the vigorous needs and wants of the e-learning spectrum and were able to come up with seven exciting clone scripts. These scripts are all SEO friendly and are enriched with features, plugins, revenue generating options, etc. Let’s categorize them in detail.

Teachr – Udemy Clone Script

This excellent Udemy clone is an ideal choice for you to create a user-friendly and tirelessly functioning online learning marketplace. Teachr has multiple cores and optional plugins like article lessons, social logins, user profile, coupons, subscription, withdrawal, etc. This online course software is extremely adaptable to various other business vertical like Academics, lifestyle, photography, design, etc.teachr - udemy clone script

Demo of Teachr – Udemy Clone Script

Tutor – Lynda Clone Script

Tutor – the Lynda clone script is crafted to create a diverse video training platform that can generate immense business opportunities. The notable core and optional plugins of this video training software are video lessons, social share, instructor, article lessons, downloadable file lessons, SudoPay, etc. Business vertical that can be catered through Tutor are leadership, marketing, development, cad, teacher training, etc.

tutor - lynda clone script

Demo of Tutor – Lynda Clone Script

Skillr – Skillshare Clone Script

Help in creating an essential learning community platform using this sterling Skillshare clone script. This web-based training software offers features like ratings & review, course wishlist, Video external embed lessons, PayPal etc., to assist the web admin to personalize the website according to the desired requirements. The business verticals Skillr can adapt are culinary, DIY, writing, office productivity, etc.

skillr - skillshare clone script

Demo of Skillr – Skillshare Clone Script

Graspr – Coursera Clone Script

An organized web based tutorial platform is guaranteed using the Coursera clone – Graspr. With core and optional plugins like MOOC affiliates, analytics, subscriptions, payment & cart, etc., the web host can precisely customize the e-learning website. Exciting business verticals that can be tapped into using the Graspr are life science, engineering, music, marketing, data science, etc.

graspr - coursera clone script

Demo of Graspr – Coursera Clone Script

Learnr – Udacity Clone Script

Agriya’s Udacity clone script – Learnr is expertly crafted to support a unique e-learning marketplace. This e-learning software has impressive adaptability for you to explore and expand into various other potential market niches like Android, web development, IOS development, etc. The optional and core plugins included in Learnr are translations, Facebook App store, comments, coupons, etc.

learnr - udacity clone script

Demo of Learnr – Udacity Clone Script

Teamr – Teamtreehouse Clone Script

Teamr – the Teamtreehouse clone is the best choice for you to develop a web-based training platform that caters to learning and training of specific skill sets. This corporate training software has an interesting core and optional modules like video lessons, subscription, payout, instructor, coupons, etc. since Teamr is well-integrated to reach out to various other potential niches like learn coding of different languages, back-end programming, front end web development, etc., thus expanding your business possibilities.

teamr - teamtreehouse clone script

Demo of Teamr – Teamtreehouse Clone Script

Trainr – Khan Academy Clone Script

An ideal Khan Academy clone – Trainr will help you create an advanced online training and learning website. The various components of Trainr include features like user profile, social logins, social share, translations, article lessons and much more. Trainr is also built to adapt and help you reach out to multiple business verticals like art and humanities, design, marketing, personal development, IT & software, etc.

trainr - khan academy clone script

Demo of Trainr – Khanacademy Clone Script

Apart from these unique features, all the clone scripts have, exemplary value-added features like Social media sign-up and login, admin-dashboard, user-dashboard, instructor-dashboard, courses, categories, email templates, language, withdrawals, course goals, etc. and inbuilt revenue options like site commission, subscription fee, and AD banner.

Final words

An online learning platform is here to stay and one has to make smart and vigorous moves to make use of this wonderful marketplace. Selecting the right clone script is the first of many steps in the right direction to achieve the desired level of success. Hope the article helped in creating awareness about the various exciting clone script options you have to start your own triumphant e-learning website.

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