In web marketing, a lot of tactics are employed to attract online visitors. One of the main strategies is web designing. An effective web design will catch the attention of many visitors.

Most visitors enter your website through search engines. Websites are searched for through keywords. Keywords should hence be present in your web pages. While designing your web page, add all the important keywords in title tags, meta tags and alt tags.

Information to be kept in mind while designing a website:

· Simplicity with regard to number of features about products and services is the main resource for any powerful website.

· A simple navigation system is enough and should be very clear to the visitor.

· Try to reduce the page weight of all your web pages, especially your index page, as a result of which uploading time will be minimized.

· Present the links of important pages in the home page, to guide the visitors to the important pages easily.

· Link colors should be synchronized with page colors; underline links so they instantly catch the viewer’s attention.

· Choosing appropriate background colors, images, and setting different font sizes for text, headers, footers etc… is another way to attract the visitors.

· Centrally position your website design to ensure proper display of your site in different kind of monitors.

· Use good visual elements because aspects like drop shadows, reflections etc can really attract more visitors.

· Use innovative icons which explain the concept better than plain text.

· If you want to offer any promotional discounts, use labels.

· Use attractive logos.

· Make sure columns of your text are narrow because it makes reading easier on the screen.

· Highlight important elements by setting a larger font size but be sure not to make it too large.

· Use traditional design because it makes visitors comfortable.

· Design your website considering the nature of visitors you want to attract.

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