On-demand apps have emerged into the mainstream as the world recognizes its potent benefits. Uber, Lyft etc are those businesses who redefined the stereotypes and paved the way for a novel, much effective on-demand approach. As of now, the Investment round in the on-demand mobile app economy has reached $10,293 Billion. And without doubt, it is going to increase in the years to come. Here in this document, we feature the Go-Jek, Uber’s biggest rival in Indonesia, who managed to achieve great success in on-demand business.

Present On-demand Market Status

The current on-demand economy is all set and is growing further at a rapid pace. The on-demand economy revenue which was $14 Billion in 2014 is predicted to hit a $335 Billion mark by 2025. Moreover, the total spending on the on-demand mobile app services has reached $75.7 billion in 2017, which was just $48 Billion in the year 2016 – an increase amounting to 58%.

On-demand App Market

Aside from the above-mentioned metrics, the increase in customer preference and awareness is remarkable as well. At least 37% of total US population is aware of on-demand services. Since we humans always admire easy ways to get things done, more and more users will find on-demand as the easiest way to request any essential services.

How does Go-Jek Operate?

Similar to any on-demand business, Go-jek’s business is all dependant on a mobile application. They offer 18 in-app services, which is uniformly distributed under 3 relevant subcategories. Apart from transportation, they render food delivery, payment, and many more on-demand services. Users can register and hire expert on-demand services without any delay. However, with a multitude of services listed within, Go-Jek is no longer a regular on-demand application, but a super app that meets all the essential on-demand needs of the population.

gojek redesign concept

Right after the successful authentication, the user will be given three basic options, which he/she should choose; Ride, delivery or other services. And soon as user received the requested service, the payment will be deducted automatically from the card which is selected in the beginning by the user.

Everything You Should Know When Developing a Go-Jek Clone App

Go-Jek success was more like an overnight one. But, there are a handful of things and practices they have invested their time and effort on, that makes all the difference. In fact, they performed crucial research and analysis on market, demographics, and strategies that really convert.

User Interface- The Key Player in Go-Jek’s Success

On-demand app development has turned out to be a globally renowned service as several businesses started exploring today’s on-demand opportunities. However, when taking into consideration the Get-Jek app, the most productive factor is always its alluring user interface (UI). In fact, since they offer 18 services within a single mobile platform, they had to list out all the services that you are offering should be listed together on one – page. As an aspiring appreneur, you should practice the same strategy if want to be an integral part of the global on-demand economy.

However, one should really comprehend their targeted audience and shape the UI in accordance with that. Also, you should have to spend a considerable amount of time in the screening process. And while making it absolutely easy for users to interact with your business platform, you can enhance the all-around customer engagement and satisfaction to A great an extent.

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Features to Incorporate into Your Go-Jek clone App

When it comes to on-demand app development, you should be very keen and particular, especially while deciding on the features you want to integrate into. Anyway, there three major entities in any on-demand business and tall the features should be equally distributed among them.

Go-jek Clone App Features

User-centric features Designed to Engage and Convert

User Accounts

Allow users to create an account or enable them to sign up via social profiles

Booking Preferences

Make it simple for your users to book any services they request. Ensure easy navigation and search options for streamlined user experience.

Fare Estimation

Provide an efficient fare estimation system, set up peak-time rate estimation appropriately to avoid creating issues related to business credibility.

Multiple Payments

Offer varied payment methods to choose from, assure security and reliability by integrating renowned payment gateways.

Digital Wallets

Wallets are excellent payment options, which allows users to pay flawlessly without any transaction issues.


Intimating users about offers, rewards, new launches etc are so crucial from A marketing perspective.

Feedback System

Promise transparency by allowing your users to send their feedback, improve your services by considering their opinions and suggestions.

Rewards and Incentives

We often ignore the power of rewards and incentives. The fact is every user love getting something for free. Allow users to refer and give appropriate rewards to boost engagement and satisfaction.

Exclusive Features to Guarantee Accurate Service Delivery


Similar to users, make it easy for services providers to join. Provide flexible authentication options.

Availability Options

Allow service providers to set their status of availability. This helps users to plan better.

Manage Service Requests

Service providers should be able to manage the service requests. They can further contact and schedule the appointment with the service-seekers.

Monitoring and Tracking

This helps to monitor and track the progress of service providing. Keep track of service providers and make sure the service is delivered without delay.

Contact Via Call/Chat

Communication between service-seekers and service providers are crucial. Let the connect through phone calls or texts.

Track Earnings

Provide a transaction history feature to help service providers access their previous transaction details.

Service Reviews and Ratings

Help service providers improve their services by including a customer review feature.


service providers can automatically respond to a request when they are engaged with other service seekers. This helps them reschedule the appointment and handle the situation efficiently.

Admin-side Attributes for Streamlined Business Functioning

Advance Admin Panel- An admin panel or admin dashboard is how you control the entire process. It helps you manage and organize everything happening within the platform.

Manage Service Seekers and Service Providers

An admin has the ultimate control over the application. He can manage requests from both service seekers and providers, also, manage their activities.

Manage Pricing and Commission

Setup prices and commission with regards to your objectives, goals, and requirements.

Tracking Services

Track service providers, make sure that the requested service has been finished within the given time frame.

Analytics Tracking

Bring clarity to your strategies and efforts, gather user-related data by using the analytics feature and make logical decisions based on the information received.

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