The freelance industry is under a never-ending transition with numerous business ideas getting converted into an online-centralized freelancing business model. Needless to say, the motive is pretty straightforward, bringing both freelancers and employers under one roof. However, it isn’t easy though as employers look out freelancers for diverse needs. So, how then the top-players of the industry achieved that initially? They strategized either a domain-specific or a general platform, by which, freelancers with both particular and interdisciplinary skills were able to link themselves. With both generalists and niche specific professionals thriving in the freelance economy, it isn’t a bad time at all to start your own freelancing business. So here, we uncover valuable insights on starting a freelance job listing website.

Getting the basics right

Simply, create a strong visual impression that exhibits what you can do to people instead of what you do.

Your job portal platform is expected to be simple yet powerful with both core and complimentary inclusions. More simple the workflow, better the chances of creating a unique identity. Create various categories to help freelancers feel comfortable identifying where and how they fit. And, that’s not all. It also helps to improve the platform’s algorithm at times of posting a Job, offering an employer a relevant freelancer suggestion. Alongside category supported filter, make sure to add few more based on location, skills and Job type.

Choosing the right technology

To bring about and keep intact a freelance job listing website, choosing the right technical tools is crucial. It must render all real-time advancements and must be built conducive for future business conversion. Also, citing the future possibility and keeping in mind the user base, it’s really important to develop a scalable platform. Ultimately, the tools you prefer plays a huge part in effectuating a scalable platform.

Achieving value from modest of inclusions

More often than not, smooth functioning of basic features and functionalities determine the user-friendliness of your site. To mention a few, allow a freelancer to favorite a Job and an employer to favorite a user. Also, to post a review on each other. Always, showcase top talents a level-ahead, not only on their merit but also on how employers feel. Simply, facilitate employers to rate a resume and as an admin take absolute control if the rating is exaggerated inappropriately. Most importantly, you should maintain a safer user community, flagging a Job or a user may aid accomplish just that.

An all-inclusive payment gateway

In freelancing sites, all work aspects function online and so is payment transactions. Often, the effectiveness of a freelancing website boils down to the addition of a payment gateway assisting safer and secure transactions. The admin should stay on top of all transactions that take place within the platform. Systemize an admin approval action separately non-inclusive of normal activity management. Incorporate a payment gateway module comprising an extensive set of service providers, thereby negating a location-restriction hiccup.

A Ready-made solution

The aforementioned factors help not only develop a complete platform but also ascertain the long run determinants. After the fruition of profound market research, these were the fundamentals in Agriya’s priority list of developing a freelance job portal script similar to coroflot. In concurrence, taking all of it into account, Agriya’s Getlancer Jobs – a coroflot clone script is developed encouraging entrepreneurs to establish a freelance job listing website instantaneously. With a pre-built business and revenue model supporting the industry’s latest evolvements, this script can be of use to attain quick market penetration.

Now, we have reinforced the script’s performance by adapting latest technical improvements. Angular JS combined with core PHP forms the front-end of the script. Whereas, the back-end is powered by micro slim framework. Together, this front-end & Back-end ensures a stable and secure application functionality. Also, the application is updated by integrating REST technology which can render better scalability and interoperability.

Here’s the demo of updated script,



Creating a freelance job listing platform is all about simplicity. Try building it with large usability influenced by latest technological improvements. Advanced integration will certainly boost your site’s overall functionality. With improved functionality, manageability which is key for running a freelance like business becomes a lot easier.