With a generation that has become more tech-savvy and with the unlimited access to the technologically smart devices, now getting a doctor’s appointment is as easy as taking a pill. In this era, booking each and everything from hotels to movie tickets has become a more convenient way by just a few clicks online. Patients can now avail the same benefits when it comes to booking the medical appointments online.

Now searching for the right doctor and scheduling an appointment is much easier with the doctor appointment booking software like Practo and ZocDoc. Inspired by these websites, now many medical appointment booking softwares are being developed in which Entrepreneurs have put their steps on this field in creating their business venture.

How does doctor appointment website work?

For an Entrepreneur like you stepping into this industry, it is always better to first analyze on how your doctor appointment booking platform should function. Normally such websites create a way by connecting patients with the appropriate doctors and make an appointment booking in no time. It also enables them to clearly search for the doctors based on the service type, their basic details and more. Such websites also allow the healthcare professionals in managing their appointments and other schedules much easily.

Doctor Appointment Booking - Business Model


Features and technology implementation are the key aspects that are needed for the successful working of your appointment booking website based on the expectations of a general user. According this, Agriya updated its doctor appointment booking software with exclusive features and advanced technology implementation. Here let us see some of the features that are needed for your websites successful running:

  • Doctor and Clinic Search options

Doctor & Clinic Search Feature

This option will allow the patients in searching for their preferred doctors or clinics as per the locality preferred. Allows them to search based on the service type, city, country, and timings.


  • Contact Information

Contact Feature

Enables you to have all the contact details of your website users for future use. It also lists all the details of the doctors specifying their qualifications and much more.


  • Appointment Details

Appointment Details Feature

Get a clearer view of all the appointments and take charge for the pending appointments and approved appointments.


  • Booking Module

Booking Module Feature

The Booking module enables the users to make their appointments by filling up an appointment booking form wherein they will also have the option to make the payments in both offline and online.


  • Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery Feature

Having a Photo gallery option is the best way to share the photos of specific diseases, remedies, suggestions and on the solutions. This assists the patients to get a wider view on the particular treatments.

  • Bootstrap

Bootstrap Feature

With this, you can make your website cross-platform wherein it displays your site on any of the portable devices with excellent and clear resolution.


  • Payment Options

Payment Feature

Paypal is always a better option when it comes to the online payments where it allows the doctors and patients to make their payments via their desired payment gateways.

Pave Way for your Revenue

Monetizing your website isn’t a fairy tale anymore, it is as easy as you can imagine. You have the potential to earn money with the facility of incorporating the Doctor Membership Fee module. Whenever a doctor register to your website, they have to give a dedicated amount as a membership fee. By paying the specified amount, they become an authorized member of the website.

Ready-made Scripts to the Rescue

As an Entrepreneur you might be in a hurry in establishing your own online business faster, then it would be a great option for you to choose our readily available doctor appointment booking script that enable you to launch your own website immediately and which can be customized according to your needs. Check the demo of the script,

Appointment Booking Script Demo


The Ready-made scripts are highly flexible to adopt any kind of business verticals thereby giving increasing your business exposure to a greater extent. Some of those business verticals are Lawyer, Education, Counseling, Dental, Beauty parlor, Physiotherapist and much more. So hurry up and grab the most reliable and feature-rich doctor appointment booking system available in the market and kick-start your own online appointment booking portal.