Online Food Delivery is not a relatively new business concept. However, there is a renewed interest from investors across the globe. Keeping in mind about the rising popularity and demand for food delivery apps, Agriya has launched OFOS which is a Just Eat clone script. OFOS which was launched after a detailed market analysis addresses many requirements of the customers for developing a food delivery website. It is custom built for entrepreneurs to develop and expand their business.

Any food delivery start-up will be only successful when the business model is well-framed. Still, many questions linger in minds of people, especially on the long-term sustainability aspect. Let’s look at some of the reasons why you should start your own food delivery system.

The more the orders, the more the revenue generated

With online ordering, customers have all the time to decide and choose their favored food item. Since prospective customers can place their orders from any place conveniently they don’t feel any pressure to wrap up their order. This allows the customers to explore the menu options more and they end up spending more than they would order over the phone or in person.

Increase your customer interaction with Promotional offers

The popular perception is that the ordering online removes the human interaction part, but this is just a huge misconception. Feedback options and promotional coupons will enable you to reach your target audience with ease. The current generation is always hooked on to the social media, which is a plus point, giving discounts and specific offers will only increase the traffic flow to your app.

Customize your website to strengthen your brand

Starting your own food delivery app instead of using a third party online ordering site ensures that you have the liberty to customize and make changes to the website. Adding images of your food will appeal more to your customers and will further strengthen your brand. The dashboard must be made user-friendly and easily accessible by people of different age groups.

Increased efficiency leads to more order generation

Receiving orders online leads to more efficient day to day operations. Less time is spent on the phone and less order cancellation compared to over the phone. Ordering over the phone takes about five to eight minutes per order, whereas ordering food through an app takes less than a minute. This makes the entire process faster and you can mobilize your resources to focus on preparing the food.

Customer retention is more important to your business

Focus more on customer retention than expansion. A happy customer is more likely to give you a good review and feedback which will just increase the brand repute of your website. Instead of expanding your business to reach other new customer bases, try to save the existing regular customers. Since this is an emerging sector there are always the element of competition and it’s difficult to retain loyal customers than getting new customers.

Better Return on Investment in Digital Marketing

Most of the times Digital marketing have a high cost attached to them. But through push notifications, these expenses can be reduced. Apart from the time needed to create these notifications and a little bit of time required to segment the lists, the overall cost required to do these marketing activities is actually very minimal. Since you are just marketing to the people who already have an interest in your business, it doesn’t exceed other forms of digital marketing.

Boost your sales with Referral and Loyalty programs

Recent statistics indicate that offering referral and loyalty programs has lead to 65% of consumers downloading it and an astonishing 80% of the people proactively reaping those benefits. This ingenious feature will allow you to motivate customers by offering them credit points for referring their friends and family to their website. It is a profitable, low-cost strategy to enhance your return on investment. Consumers who redeem deals and loyalty points time to time often contribute to increased sales.

Final Thoughts

Designing and developing your own food ordering website can be expensive and time-consuming. With Agriya’s OFOS – Online food ordering script you can quickly start your business functions without any delay. Being a Just eat clone script it has similar features and its flexibility will allow you to customize your website according to your needs and requirements.

OFOS JustEat Clone Script