As humans, our life here on earth is reliant on many factors. Healthcare is one of such things that have an immense influence on our day to day survival. Thanks to the technological advancements in the health sector, for it, enabled us to improve the reach and efficiency of the same. The recent inception of ‘Uber for health’ concept is the most recent innovation in the health industry. The role of transportation in healthcare and its impact was so underrated all these days, for uber has transcended that notion of indifference by introducing a ride-hailing platform exclusively for those who seek medical attention. In this document, we cover all the essentials you need to deploy an Uber-like ride-hailing platform for healthcare. Live it up.

Why is Uber for healthcare the next big thing in the market?

Uber has decided to launch an on-demand ride-hailing solution solely for healthcare industry because they think it helps the public to access the deserved health support without any delay. In fact, it is said that over 3.6 million US citizens miss their doctor appointments every year due to lack of available, reliable transportation. Precisely, a third of patients fail to show up to their medical appointments. On-demand ride-hailing for healthcare can tackle this situation to a great extent, it helps patients seek immediate medical support without any hassle.

Uber for Health: How does it suppose to aid the millennial generation?

Uber for Health

The one most alluring thing about Uber is that they do not launch products but solutions that make our life a little better than it was before. Uber for healthcare is not an exception as well. It delivers answers for a number of questions the market has been seeking for a long time.

Easy-to-access, safe rides for Reasonable Rates

The sudden success of Uber health is all about how well they analyzed and further implemented a strategy to confront the biggest barriers of today’s health industry. Unlike regular rides, ride-hailing for health has to be centered on easy access and time taken for the booking to be accepted. Uber health fundamentally focuses on delivering rides without delay, also, they make it simple and easy for users to access the rides as well.

Yet another issue with regular rides is the prices associated with the rides. At the times of emergency, the rate can be much higher and the safety is a problem too. Uber health promises affordable rates and safety for the patients and this is what that sets it apart from usual rides.

Reliable and Flexible Ride-hailing

Ride Hailing for Healthcare

In order to facilitate users who seek medical assistance, Uber health has designed their business model in such a way to promote reliability, flexibility, and satisfaction. The way on-demand for health works differs from a regular ride-hailing app.

Health organizations are the ones who schedule the rides on behalf of patients. Besides, the rides can be scheduled for the follow-up sessions as well. Multiple rides can be managed from a single dashboard if necessary.

The intention behind the new concept of emergency ride-hailing service is to diminish the percentage of patients who miss their appointments because of unreliable transport options. And hopefully, the on-demand for healthcare will possibly satisfy its objectives in the near future.

Serving Organizations with a Streamlined Transit System

Apart from the users, Uber health also facilitates organizations by streamlining the whole transportation operations with respect to their requirements. So, what is the benefit of integrating an Uber-like ride-hailing solution into your healthcare business?

  • You can track your transportation expenses accurately and can manage the same accordingly
  • You can track and monitor the rides and ensure the safety of the patients
  • You can request rides, view monthly billing statements, appointments and scheduling reports much easier than before.

What Makes an On-demand Ride-hailing Solution for Health So different?

Uber for Health Reasonable Rates

Even though there involve many attributes and features that make the process so simple and convenient, the distinctive factors are the one that brings the real difference in our lives. Now, take a look at the stand out features of Uber health.

  • Schedule rides up to a month in advance
  • Manage follow-up appointments
  • A clear communication channel between users and riders. Send text messages, set up calls through landline or mobile phones.
  • Quick and easy booking, precise navigation, assured safety

Looking for a Solution Similar to Uber Health?

According to statistics and figures, there are more than 100 organizations in the U.S that are already using the beta version of Uber health. So, isn’t this the right time to kickstart your own medical transportation business? All you have to do is to employ Agriya’s all-comprehensive uber clone script and launch your own on-demand ride-hailing for health mobile and web platforms. With this astounding solution, you will substantially reduce the time you might take to develop a similar application or website from the scratch. Moreover, the effort you have to put into this will be close to zero. However, you can also avail our doctor appointment booking software, if only you want to streamline your appointment scheduling operations.

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