Everyone is so captivated by Uber and its massive success throughout these years. From a regular taxi booking service that operates in a few cities, Uber has grown into a billion-dollar business that spread across the globe. However, since the inception of Uber, many organizations have joined the game of future commuting. Careem- a Dubai-based transportation network company is prominent among all; for it operates in over 100 cities from the Middle East, Africa, and South Asian continents. In fact, the net worth of this commuting giant is $1.2 billion as of 2017. This piece of writing fundamentally focus on rendering insights on Careem’s success strategies in terms of app development.

Careem: Everything You Need to Know

Being one of the most potential rivalries of Uber in the Middle East, Careem has gained some serious traction as of now. Similar to Uber, Careem also has an all-encompassing mobile app that connects the passengers with the nearby drivers. Besides, it also builds a marketplace of community drivers, where users can request rides-on-demand.

Careem- Everything You Need to Know

  • Managed to raise $150 million in Series E round of funding and become Uber’s biggest rival
  • The net-worth of Careem is $1.2B and serves in over 80 cities across the Middle East
  • Raised 200 million from backers, which involves the Kingdom Holding Company, the investment vehicle of Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal.
  • Chosen as the ‘best local app of 2016’ by Google Play store
  • The usage rank of Careem in maps and navigation is 63, whilst the play store rank is 268
  • Also, the download rank of Careem in Apple store lies between 98-124

Now, let’s consider the 3 inventive success strategies of Careem, which everyone should consider before building a taxi booking software.

3 Dynamic Strategies from Careem that is Worth Adopting

The truth is, there is a great deal of Uber-like businesses in the market currently. And to be successful in today’s commuting scenario, one should consider all the aspects of the business. Also, adopt the best from your competitors to bring forth the best out of your approach.

Make it Easy for Users: Focus on Relevance and Accuracy

Since the core idea of modern-day commuting remains within an efficient mobile app, to design and deploy a painless UI is necessary. Also, the convenience should be ensured by incorporating relevant features and functionalities that facilitate the user’s intentions. There are certain practices in a taxi app that can boost user-satisfaction and suitability.

Pickup – Soon as the driver accepted the pickup, Users can provide specific location details to make the delivery much easier. Information such as flat no, street name and landmark can help drivers reach the specified location before long.


Ride types – Diversity is powerful, only if we leverage it ways others can make benefit out of it. Rendering different types of rides and allowing users to choose one of their choices is important.

Cashless Payment – A majority of users prefer online cashless payments. Why is it so because, payment using cards, internet transfer or even wallets are more convenient and secure as well.

Offer Multiple Choices: Make the App Irresistible by Providing Affordable Ride Options

One thing about us- humans is that we don’t like sticking to the same thing for long. We prefer choices between whatever we are offering. Also, choices are significant; for it represents diverse kind of people’s preferences. For instance, when you render a wide range of vehicle options, users can choose between the rides and pick the one that is convenient for them. This is what we interpret as experience, and user experience is a very crucial aspect in business, isn’t it?

However, affordability can also influence the experience factor. Moreover, offering affordable rides can help you be a better competitor. Businesses like Careem helps passengers get affordable rides in a minimum period of time, at the same time resolves the transport issues of the particular city.

Streamlined Scheduling System that Enables Users to Plan their Rides in Advance

Uber has introduced the concept of scheduling rides and found great success lately. In fact, it individually is a solution within a solution, because it helps a large set of people plan and schedule their appointments ahead.


Allow users to choose their desired ride, set dates, specify pickup time and book the ride effortlessly. Also, display the estimated fare, which will help users get some clarity in terms of the money they have to pay.

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