We proudly announce the release of latest software product MarkIt – an advanced social bookmarking script. It allows webmasters to launch their own social bookmarking sites.

Webmasters can allow their users to utilize the bookmarking services to save, share and categorize all their favorite sites. Users can access their book marks anytime and anywhere they can get access to the internet from.

Using the script, webmasters can give as many options as possible to their users and allow them to bookmark all they need.

People like to bookmark their “finds” and they like to show off their bookmarked items to others. The script will allows users to build a community in any niche and share the bookmarks they love with anybody close to them. Users can bookmark, tag or comment on others’ bookmarks as well.

Your users can come across a lot of other articles and websites which are popular among other users. So traffic will be automatically increased on site. An increase in traffic will mean that their website will be exposed to inbound links. This in turn will make them popular and increases their page rank.

The company is positive and thinks the script will do very well in the market. For more details, log on to www.agriya.com