As we all know, we are the ‘indoor generation’; and we are proud of it, don’t we? We have everything we need to sustain our lives in our fingertips; we are indeed the most advanced species alive as of now, how incredible is to remember that? However, when comprehending all we have achieved so far, we owe to education and our astounding reasoning capabilities.

The inception of digital was one of the most inventive breakthroughs in millennial history. And the way it transformed education was inspiring and productive as well. When solely promoting flexible learning, it never gives up on the quality and relevance as well. Now, E-learning stands among the most discussed topics; for it comes with infinite possibilities for both learners and businesses too. This article centers on providing crucial insights on e-learning website development and the strategies need to be implemented.

Digital Education- Current Market Status

Even though the market conditions are clearly favorable for digital education businesses, understanding the figures and statistics will give more clarity to the decisions you take.

E-learning Market Size

  • Even though the market conditions are clearly favorable for digital education businesses, understanding the figures and statistics will give more clarity to the decisions you take.
  • In 2016, the e-learning market value was USD 150 billion; it is predicted to USD 243 billion by the year 2022
  • 74% of organizations/corporates use some kind of LMS as of now
  • Organizations are adopting e-learning at a rate of 13% annually
  • In 2015, 44% of organizations were ready to integrate an e-learning strategy, which has increased dramatically over these years.

E-learning Website Development – Strategic Steps for Assured Success

Apart from the development procedures, there is a multitude of factors one should consider before getting so deep into developing an e-learning solution.

Analyze the Niche and Study the Target Audience

The major most part in building a business around e-learning possibilities is to find your targeted audience and to understand their behavior and needs. But, what are all the questions you should ask yourself before e-learning website development?

  • What all subjects and courses should I include?
  • What are the possible ways through which I can help learners improve their skills? What all technologies should be ideal for them?
  • What is the interest of my target audience? How can I fulfill them?
  • What is the average age of the targeted audience and what kind of content is ideal for them?

Perform Competitor Analysis and Comprehend the Way They Operate

The best way to understand the market and competition is to study your competitors. Analyze their strategies, way of approach, audience response and plan your business accordingly. Also, by understanding similar business platforms, you can get some idea about the features and functionalities to be integrated within yours.

Offer Quality Content

The all-round feel and emotion of the platform matters; but however, learning resources/content has great significance as well. Provide quality content, maintain diversity by offering video, audio or text content, and make learning more engaging and productive.

Involve Expert Tutors

When it comes to education, there is no way you can compromise on the quality. This is why it is so significant to engage experts. By involving great minds into your platform, you can ensure great value for what the learners had to spend. Moreover, it needs great experience and attitude to inspire others. A great instructor can guarantee that.

Find the Right Revenue Model

Integrating the ideal revenue stream will be the next challenge you encounter. And further, you should set the commission rates as well. Some business model allows tutors to set prices for the courses they create and take a portion as commission. Whilst some take a percentage considering the number of participants.

Set up a Constructive Evaluation System

Assessments are important; for it helps you understand your learner’s level of learning. Also, you can offer rewards for those who perform better. This will motivate learners to push their limits, also allow you to measure their progress. Besides, set up quizzes, debates, also, give assignments to enhance the learners’ interest and engagement.

Feedback and Reviews

How do you feel when you get a feedback from a customer? Will you consider customer feedback while improving your platform functionalities? Feedback signifies customer opinions, and it is the best way to understand your customer expectations and needs. Value reviews from your fellow clients and takes further measures to resolve the same.

Implement an Effective Promotional Strategy

Despite the efforts you put in the design and development process; there is a great possibility that all your strategies go in vein if you do not invest your efforts in promoting what you have developed. Perform essential SEO practices, plan promotions and make your product visible to your potential visitors.

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