Online learning otherwise known as E-learning is the modern way of learning, which focus on technological innovations and effective learning practices. Unlike conventional educational system, E-learning approach is more convenient and value added. It is predicted that by 2019 50% of all classes will be delivered online. How much business possibilities will it unwind, do you know? In fact, it has already inspired many insightful businesses to step into this scopeful market. Businesses such as Khan Academy, Udemy etc has been on the market for so long and has set a strong standard, which made it extremely hard for any upcoming small businesses to survive. Here we share some valuable insights, which will possibly support your efforts to build an in-depth E-learning platform.

The Scope of E-learning Platforms in Recent Times

Online educational platforms have gained some serious reputation recently. It not only changes the way students learn, it has transformed our perspective towards teaching as well. Apart from most common E-learning ventures like Udemy, many corporate organizations are incorporating learning platforms to deliver results-focused training for their employees to excel in their area of expertise. Since living in an ever-changing world of technological advancements, learning has become our only chance to survive and hence, the future of E-learning market is secure.

Factors to Remember while Building an E-learning Platform

  • Set clear-cut learning objectives
  • Define your targeted customer base
  • Create the courses as interactive as possible
  • Create proper content
  • Pay attention to engaging users by delivering right modules and tools
  • Integrate relevant assessment practices
  • Provide valid certifications and honors
  • Offer an user-intuitive UI
  • Have a clear marketing strategy that develops a buzz for your product

Easy to Deploy E-learning Solution from Agriya

Agriya, a supreme contender in today’s advanced web development scenario has recently launched a complete E-learning solution, which helps entry-level businesses to set up an incredible learning platform easily. Here’s the demo,

Online Learning Solution

In order to compete with the existing businesses and to challenge their market, one needs an exceptional E-learning software that satisfies the current market demands. After all those years of profound market research and customer behavior analysis, Agriya introduced this full-scale software solution with great confidence to deliver an unmatchable end-user experience and precision.

Key Features in Agriya’s Online Learning Solution

Since being devoted to providing a complete and efficient learning experience, we integrate numerous inventive features. This feature-rich E-learning solution streamlines the business operations, helps manage the whole process efficiently as possible.

Flexible Learning Practices

The main attractive factor in Agriya’s E-learning solution is the flexibility and convenience of learning. Students can choose between the lessons, modules etc, they can plan according to their availability as well.

Collective Mentoring Approach

Through a collaborating learning strategy, tutors can incorporate other experts from relevant fields to drive more value to their teaching efforts.

Dynamic Admin Panel for Efficient Functioning

A solid dashboard is integrated within. It provides complete control for businesses to manage and organize the process efficiently.

Constructive Feedback to Improve the Standard

Enables reviews and feedback for users, which allows them to express their concerns and expectations transparently. Businesses can get a clear-cut idea of customer expectations and behaviors through this.

Authentic Money Transaction Methods

Genuine payment gateways are integrated to guarantee flawless money transactions. Students can pay with any currency and from anywhere in the world.


A solid online learning platform is the backbone of any digital education business. Developing an unrivaled learning software can cost you a lot of money, effort and time. Moreover, you absolutely have no surety about the efficiency and performance of it. Ready-made software solutions minimize the cost, and human efforts, it has comparatively low development period as well. Above all, have a clear sight of your requirements and resources as you take your big step to start a business.

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