According to a recent study, more than 90% of Internet traffic is generated by search engines. Submitting your site to all major search engines is the most effective way of promoting your website on the Internet. It helps you maintain a search engine ranking at top level for any targeted ‘keywords’. There are 3 main ways to submit your website to the search engines, which includes:

Manual submission:

Manual submission involves visiting every directory one by one and submitting your site manually. One of the main advantages is you have absolute control over the submission process. For example, if there is an error in the submission process you can handle the problem without any hassle and work easily. Keep in mind that, it can be a time consuming and laborious task.

Online submission through third party services:

There are several search engine submission companies all over the world offering online submission services and search engine marketing solutions at reasonable prices. Most of them follow updated practices in the industry. They can submit your site to search engine friendly directories and directories with a higher Google page rank at one time for fast link-building.

Generally they have a lot of experience for choosing the right category for your site and wording your site description with as many keywords as possible. Remember a search engine company can provide professional and effective services to you.

Submission software:

There are various software packages which can be downloaded for the use of submitting your site automatically to the search engines. The main advantage of using the software is that you can save your time compared to manual submission processes and services. You have to enter your site details and click a button; the site will be submitted automatically to the major search engines. Its disadvantage, is that if any unexpected error happens during the submission, the script may not know how to handle the error.