The workforce of a nation plays a vital role in its development. When comprehending in terms of figures and money, its contribution will outrun all the other cofactors. Earlier we depended on the conventional workforce system and it worked perfectly well up to some point. But, as we reach a point in our existence where we admire more convenience and life in our days, we seek a way to manage our time by ourselves. A perfectly blended schedule which gives enough room for both work and personal happiness. This paves the way for the emergence of gig market and now it is one of the fastest growing industries globally.

Freelancing and its Future Business Possibilities

Studies show that the total workforce in the USA comprises 35% of freelancers. And prediction suggests that the half of the total workforce will be represented by freelancers within 2020. All these figures reflect the certain future of freelancing. And of course, the business opportunities it creates are huge too. Successful freelance businesses like Upwork, Freelancer etc are already in the game and has managed to establish a market for themselves. However, the future of employment is freelancing, it has already shown the traits of a definite future boom.

Employ Agriya’s Premium Freelancer Clone Script-Structure your Customized Freelance Marketplace Right Away

The most crucial, the most influencing factor in your freelancing business is the platform. It is where your customers interact with each other. It is where the actions and reactions happen. An instinctive, result-focused freelance marketplace platform is rightly enough to make a fortune for yourself.  Anyway, to build a complete, error-free software portal is not as easy as it seems. It may cost you a huge amount of money, and resources. Moreover, it will consume a considerably great amount of time, which can’t be affordable when considering from a business perspective.  Considering the demand and the need for a ready-made freelance software solution, Agriya introduces an indispensable Freelancer Clone Script for individuals as well as businesses to easily deploy an efficient freelance marketplace before long.

Major Attributes to Look Out For

As a renowned PHP web application development company, Agriya was well aware of the required features and functionalities of a custom-built online freelance marketplace platform. We integrated some of the best features, which can literally enhance your business potential and efficiency. However, not only businesses but, it considers users as well.

Systematic Project Management

Businesses or Admin can efficiently manage and handle the listed projects. They have the privilege to approve, reject, or flag the listed  project.

Efficient Category Management

Organize the listed project in accordance with the categories mentioned. Thus help the users complete their task more efficiently and with ease.

Streamlined Bidding System

Bidding comprises an essential part of the process, hence it is so crucial to offer a simple yet convenient system.

Dual Signup Options

One can register on the website as both freelancers and employers as well. Switch your accounts and complete your tasks flexibly.

Simplified UI and Navigation

Provided a rationalized user interface and easy navigation to guarantee an excellent, hassle-free process. The streamlined workflow makes it extremely easy for the users to complete their operations.

Profound Administration Panel

A Solid and dynamic admin panel is integrated within the software solution. It aid businesses to take control over the ongoing process, they can monitor the processes and can manage the process on their own.

Hassle-free Money Transactions

Since the major reason and concern is money, you should give prior consideration to the money transactions.  Payment gateways like Zazpay etc are included in this champion solution.


Global gig economy is growing substantially and this is why it is considered as the next big thing in global business. Several many business organizations and influential individuals have already set their foot in this particular industry, realizing that the current trend is strong enough to push it further.  And if you represent an aspiring business or a passionate entrepreneur, you might not find a better time than this to break into the market.

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