“You will not find it difficult to prove that battles, campaigns, and even wars have been won or lost primarily because of logistics.” – General Dwight D. Eisenhower

Businesses today are conscious and well-informed about the need for optimizing their logistics operations. As the world around us changes, we were left with no other choices but to welcome the inevitable transformation. In fact, the conventional logistics management system was incompetent and deficient for the ever-changing business standards. A smart, more-efficient, automated logistics management solution was a global business requirement, and we have eventually succeeded in developing a sophisticated software solution that streamlines our efforts. Here in this document, we briefly discuss developing a customized logistics solution and how to do that in the most efficient way possible. Live it up!

Why is it that Vital to Integrate an On-demand Logistics Solution to your Business?

There are many ways an on-demand logistics a management software aids your effort. In fact, you are no longer blindfolded, you have information and most importantly control over your logistics operations. Doesn’t that sound good?

  • It minimizes the cost to a great extent. Shipping and freight cost can be reduced substantially.
  • Helps you to allocate labour much efficiently. The adequate use of resources will be easier as well.
  • Manage your customer, engage and communicate with them easily and effectively.
  • Take complete control over the whole logistics. You can manage freights, track the costs associated with it, and optimize plans and route guides.
  • It ensures that the inventory is used to its complete potential, it also helps reduce the wastage.
  • Speed, performance, and efficiency as a whole will be transcended to a great extent.

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On-demand Logistics Solution- How does it work?

The core notion of the logistics management system is much similar to Uber-like applications. However, there are minor differences in functionalities and attributes. Fundamentally, similar to ride-hailing apps, on-demand logistics software needs two distinct apps for users as well as drivers. Anyhow, in this particular case, drivers are package carriers and users are those who seek services to deliver their packages. And while considering the fare, the calculation mechanism should be based on both calculation and relative size and weight of the container or package.

The revenue streams resemble so-known ride-hailing businesses. Drivers will get fair remuneration, not less than what they deserve. Whereas, the businesses are earning through commission, which they receive for every successful transaction. However, it is very crucial that you require information regarding drivers; including their vehicle type and size, real-time location, and insurance information. This helps you streamline your operation much efficiently.

Essential Attributes for Your Logistics App

Logistics app features

Attributes define how alluring and useful your logistic app is. In fact, what we call by features are those factors which help users and drivers, even the businesses to conclude their desired task successfully.

Separate Mobile Apps for Package Carriers and Customers

Just as we did with our premium taxi booking solution, you need to develop multiple applications separately for users as well as drivers. Since they are two entirely different entities, their requirement will be different just as their area of operation differ.

Live Monitoring and Location Tracking

When it comes to delivering goods, users expect a safe and on-time delivery. In fact, in logistics, wrong delivery of packages can cause a great deal of money. This is how important the monitoring and tracking of the package is. Admin should monitor the progress of the vehicle, the delivery status real-time in order to ensure maximal user-satisfaction.

Maps and Directions

Just as mentioned earlier, on-time delivery of packages involves many factors. Providing right directions to the drivers will help them avoid the traffic affected areas and reach the destination before long. Integrate GPS and maps are so crucial that its absence can cost you a fortune.

Dynamic Driver and User Dashboards

Since users and drive are the two most significant entities in this on-demand logistics business, optimizing the platform according to their convenience is so needed. The user and driver dashboards allow them to update their details, vehicle details and also, edit or add any information to their profile anytime.

Smart Admin Panel

Anyway, businesses or those who own the platform is the most important entity among all three. Indeed, it is the most sophisticated part of the logistics business. The purpose of the admin panel is to help the businesses take complete control over their logistics operations. It helps them manage user and driver requests, vehicle allocation and so much more.

Push Notifications

Maintaining an active communication medium with users and drivers are critically important. Push notifications are real-time alerts that are sent by the admin to intimate users and drivers about their services, offers or anything relevant to the business.

Intelligent Actionable Insights

Information is everything. Its role in business growth and expansion cannot be ignored. The information received through the analytics feature reflects the user-behaviour, actions, and expectations. Through contemplating all these valuable data, you can further plan, strategize and execute relevant ideas that help you take your business off the ground.

Solid Payment Gateways

Transactions are the most sensitive and vulnerable part of an online business. And if you are not giving prior importance to that, you will be ultimately shoved into a pit of failure. Genuine payment gateways should be integrated into your online logistics application. It helps users to complete their payment flawlessly.

Struggling as a Small Business Venture? Searching for a Ready-made On-demand Logistics Solution?

It’s true that it takes a great deal of money, effort and time to set up an efficient, fully-fledged logistics application. You should need plentiful resources and of course great knowledge to develop a similar mobile app. On-demand taxi booking solution from Agriya is a specially built online solution, which can be employed and further customized to form a comprehensive on-demand logistics software that meets your logistics demands and needs.

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