Earlier, back in the days, HTML was the perfect template used to create static documents. Yet times have changed and web applications have become more dynamic and interactive these days. AngularJS is one of those structural frameworks which can be used in creating single page HTML with dynamic and interactive views in Web-based applications. Developed by Google and being an open-source platform it has a large community who constantly seek out and help budding programmers to overcome obstacles.

But what exactly AngularJS is used for?

We do have a fair idea about AngularJS and how it helps in creating vibrant web applications, however, to add further clarity let’s look at the areas where it is most applicable.

Apps which require video streaming

We are all aware of the popular video streaming website called Youtube, however, it is interesting to know that AngularJS was used to design the youtube app for Sony’s PS3. Even Netflix has been designed with AngularJS

Apps which require Location Integration

The dynamic features of AngularJS enable it to easily integrate location of the user, such that it is perfect for map based applications. Google maps, eatery websites such as Swiggy and Justeat also uses AngularJS

Social Media applications

Due to the vibrant and colorful nature of today’s social network, it’s imperative to design these websites using AngularJS. Linked in is a classic example.

E-commerce & mobile commerce related applications

Many popular e-commerce websites have started adapting to AngularJS. Websites such as MallZee have been exclusively created using AngularJS.

Now let’s look at the various Pros and Cons of AngularJS.


Instinctive Framework

This framework is very declarative compared to other frameworks out there. Re-organizing the vibrant page will be difficult as it is less brittle.

Designed and Developed by Google

AngularJS is designed and built by a bunch of dedicated of Google engineers which mean there will be a huge community supporting you and helping you in facing these challenges. This also ensures that you will have a good environment for learning.

An all-round comprehensive solution

If you are into rapid front end development then AngularJS is the answer and the most comprehensive solution since it does not require any additional plugins or frameworks. Apart from these, there are more attractive features such as data building, dependency injection, enterprise-level testing etc.

Easy to split and integrate MVC components

Most frameworks need to split the app into multiple MVC components, after which they will be able to write a code to put them together. However, the advantage in AngularJS is it strings together automatically, this will save you a lot of time and reduces the time to market.


Too many ways to handle

One of the advantages with AngularJS is that it can be handled it in different ways, ironically this is the same feature which becomes a hurdle. This could be difficult for beginners and amateur designers. It is vital that the programmers develop a better understand the various components associated with them.

Slow and Lethargic UI

It is possible that the UI can severely lag when more than 1000 viewers are using. The complexity of the various AngularJS forms doesn’t help much either.

Reasons why you should learn AngularJS

Quick to learn and grasp

AngularJS can be learned very quickly as it is a simple process. At most you can do is add some attributes to the HTML you are designing and your angular app may get ready in just a matter of time.

Lesser use of codes

Data models are simpler to write with AngularJS as it reduced the number of codes required. Additionally, it offers data binding, which means you don’t have to drag the data manually

Saves a lot of time

Despite its tendency to split your application into multiple MVC components, AngularJS performs the rest of the functions flawlessly. In other words, you don’t have to write another code to bind the MVC components together.

UI is often declarative

One of the intriguing aspects with AngularJS is it’s heavily structured which makes it very simple and easy to manipulate. Designers are definitely not programmers and AngularJS makes it definitely easier for them.

Final thoughts

The rising popularity of AngularJS makes it the perfect language to master for new programmers. There are a plethora of job opportunities available for programmers with this level of expertise. There are also opportunities for the programmers in AngularJS development companies. AngularJS is the perfect framework for developing dynamic web-based applications For client based projects, AngularJS is perfect as it could help in mitigating costs and will save up time.

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