Due to the economic crisis, a lot of us are pushing ourselves to work harder, and spend a greater amount of time at work, resulting in very little time for family. This may lead to loss of interaction with your spouse, kids and other family members. Remember, spending more time with your family is important for building and maintaining relationships with your loved ones.

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By setting aside time for your children as well as your spouse, you will strengthen their belief that they are loved. So how do you find more time to spend with family members, and how do you spend it? Here are some suggestions.

• Read together, cook together and share, take family walks, do some artsy stuff with your child, and share jokes and funny incidents.

• Do not let television or computers come between you and your family during holidays. If your child wants to watch television, suggest an alternative activity that you can do together.

• Schedule a romantic dinner with your spouse. Dinners at a five star Chinese restaurant are romantic, you could even arrange for some good food and have a good time at home.

• Arrange for a picnic with your family. Everyoneloves a permanent memory of time spent with their loved ones in their heart. Take kids on a nature walks and remember to take loads of pictures.

• Sit in a circle with your family and let each member share their cherished memories and talk about why they love being a part of the family. Sayig nice things to each other and complimenting each other builds stronger bonds.

• Let your kids pick out songs which they love from your CD collection and shake a leg with them.

• Make family videos and send them to other family members who are far away.

• Bake or cook together. Sharing time in the kitchen promotes family togetherness and teaches a much needed skill as well.

If you are far away from your family members and want to get in touch with your loved ones, you can become part of social networking sites. There are many social networking sites through which you can share your feelings, memorable photos, family videos and so on.

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