The increase of social networks in the world like Facebook or Myspace was, at the beginning of success, unverifiable. Now we can stand back and see the bad effects of these world networks. Some private information that is disclosed is not really protected. When we know that members of Facebook are estimated to be 45 millions in 2007, we can suppose the stake is sizable. More than 2 billion pictures are available on it.

A lot of young people are regular members and aren’t aware of the possible danger. Some rules need to be edited and respected for the security of all users.

That’s why the European Union tries to create a legal framework. The goal is to avoid use of some private information like: “prohibits collection of personal information without consumers’ permission, forbids employers to read workers’ private e-mail, and doesn’t allow companies to share personal information on users without their permission.” Facebook is a big mine of information for sellers.

This initiative is a good beginning but terms of the chart are always vague and offer a lot of provision for flaws. It isn’t sure that users will be protected any better for the moment. However Facebook, MySpace and the like have to take interest to take notice this and regulate failures of their system.

So be careful, your life could be interesting to people other than just your friends, and that is not always a good thing.