Ever since Facebook opened up their platform to allow 3rd party developers to access the core engine and build new applications on top of their existing site Facebook has experienced incredible growth as a vast array of companies rushed to build apps that can tap in to the Facebook market.

Without a doubt some of the most popular apps are the simple ones like personality tests, quizzes, comparison tests and games – all of which can be created and start getting users within a month. Take Zynga for example, they created a number of social games using Flash and are now one of the most successful companies to have exploited the Facebook audience, even introducing a revenue stream thanks to their micro-payments which allows users to buy digital items for just a few dollars – the tens of millions of people that play their games means that only a fraction need to get their credit card out in order to make the company profitable.

While you might not want to be as ambitious as Zynga for your first Facebook application development, the potential is still there to create a wildly successful app that can utilize micro-payments (or even SMS payments) to create a real income pulling Facebook app.

Agriya has been helping customers with their Facebook application development since Facebook first opened their doors to 3rd party companies. Our Facebook developers are able to create virtually any type of Application, whether it’s to promote your website or to try and tap in to the enourmous market on Facebook, get in touch with us and get a free quote on your Facebook app idea.

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