When something is as important as Facebook and as deeply-featured too, anyone who doesn’t stay tuned in to latebreaking news with Zen like powers of concentration is likely to feel a little overwhelmed. Here are some expert tips on how you can get the best out of Facebook.

Get Xoopit

Firefox is such a universe of add-ons, you could be forgiven for leaving one or two out. Try Xoopit; this add-on is meant for Gmail when used on Firefox. It lets you easily browse and share files on Gmail with your friends on Facebook. You can also use Gmail as a remote control box for Facebook with this add-on.

Get a URL for your Facebook page

Socialtoo is a website that allows you to put down any URL you for your Facebook home page choose (in the format yourchosenname.socialtoo.com ); it helps because, now, your friends will not have to go to Facebook and look up your name from a dozen choices. Of course, it will be awkward explaining to your friends why an address that doesn’t have the word Facebook in it should be your Facebook address; but they will get over it.

Set your mobile to talk to Facebook

This is possible now; on your Facebook page, look up the mobile button, and make the adjustments necessary; you can upload anything from your cell phone, photographs included, directly into Facebook.

Nifty search tips

To begin with, make yourself as findable as possible. Put in as much information into your profile form as you can manage, your age, where you went to school, your favorite band, and so on. When you are searching for other people, Facebook offers you the use of a number of special search characters to narrow the people you have in mind down by how old they are or any other characteristc you fill out. Look up Facebook’s search tips on the help page.

But the best thing about Facebook of course is the fact that you can use third-party apps. The Twitter application is one of the best. You can use Twitter with this, to update your status on Facebook. There are dozens of other applications to as you’re no doubt aware of. Digsby is a great new app; it can run unobtrusively to give you streams of everything on Facebook chat and all the other chat clients you have. If you come to think of it, getting the best stuff done on Facebook all comes down to third-party websites or applications.