One of the most popular scripts that we sell is our Yipit clone, Feedy which helps businesses aggregate deals from virtually any group deal or daily deal type website and lets users receive one comprehensive email rather than dozens of mails from different companies.

The success of Feedy can be traced back to the valuable input, comments and bug reports given to us by our customers and we have continued to improve and refine the software based on their feedback. Now, version 1 of Feedy is almost unrecognizable from the original software (if you look at the code) so we decided it’s time to take on board all the new information and data we have about what people want from a deals aggregation script and build Feedy 2.0.

Feedy 2.0 comes with a fantastic brand new default design and layout with some really awesome slider bars to help your visitors and users refine and zone in on the exact types of deals they are looking for. The new deal filter options will set your site apart from the crowd and make your business the place for people to go to find out all the deals that are happening in their area.

Of course, no major version change isn’t complete with out some serious optimization and speed improvements to the code and Feedy 2.0 is no different. In our baseline tests we have found that the new version loads approximately 22% faster when compared with the older version when using the same deal feeds.

Groupon is the number one group buying website in the industry and now thanks to our all new Groupon API integration your site can feature the biggest player and the best deals without having to worry about feed or data problems because it all comes from Groupon’s purpose made API. Other new features include the option for admins to parse RSS feeds in JSON format, ability to have the iframe activated on the deal page to show the details of the deal from the 3rd party website and the option for users to subscribe to deals from multiple cities.

There have been a number of small, niggling bugs that have been addressed in this new version such as fixing the Facebook Connect (Dear Facebook, please stop changing your code and breaking 3rd party developer scripts!), the Google Translate option has been fixed (Dear Google, please stop changing your code and breaking 3rd party developer scripts!) and for anyone who is an existing Feedy customer you’ll be pleased to hear that the troublesome deleting image on deals that has affected some of you has been rectified.

Feedy 2.0 is available to buy and download today, it costs just $500 and many people just like you have been using it to cash in on the lucrative daily deals industry. Feedy 2.0 is the ultimate low cost solution which removes all barriers to entry in to this market as you can test the waters to see if your marketing skills are good enough to launch your very own daily deals website. Take it for a demo now.