In a massive disruption to the travel industry, subletting of spare rooms and even couches is changing the way people book accommodation when they travel. Whether it’s for a business trip, a short getaway or needing a local place to stay while your house is renovated, subletting is a cheaper way to bunk down for the night and allow you to experience a city in a way that a cookie cutter hotel can’t compete with.

There are now over 20 dedicated Person to Person (P2P) subletting websites online and they are attracting massive interest from travellers, hosts and most importantly: Venture Capitalists.

Infact, one of the original startups in the industry, AirBNB, recently got $100m in funding which valued the business at over $1bn! Another subletting startup called Wimdu recently received over $90m in funding so that it could expand its presence in to other countries.

Travel is an ever green niche and millions of people are off to different cities everyday and they all need a place to stay. Hotels offer a sanitized, predictable and sometimes expensive experience whereas kipping in someones spare room gives the world weary traveller a new dimension and take on the city they are staying in.

What Exactly is Burrow?

Burrow has been designed as the ultimate subletting script and created to let you cash in on this growing industry. Using cutting edge technology and incorporating brand new, innovative and unique features, your subletting travel accommodation site will be set apart from the crowd and optimized for guests and hosts.

The software handles every aspect from property listings, location based searches, finding accommodation between the dates specified, rating and reviewing guests and hosts, handling the booking and payments, dealing with any disputes – it’s like running your own online hotel website but your rooms are spread far and wide around all the cities in the world!

Business Model – How You Make Money

The script makes money in a variety of ways.

Listing Fee

First of all you can charge a small listing fee on every place that is listed by a host. This can be any fixed amount from $1 to $10,000 if you want! This ensures that only people who seriously want to sublet their bed, couch or floor space apply. You can also make the listing free to attract hosts when you first launch.

Verification Fee

Verification helps hosts get more guests come to stay as their place has been physically checked and certified that the listing is legitimate, which raises the confidence levels of the guests and encourages them to pay more. A verification fee can be any fixed dollar amount.

Booking Fee

This is a percentage amount which can be applied during the checkout and is charged to the guest. For example if the booking fee is set to 5% and the customer is paying $200 you earn $10. If you want you can also set this to 0% but it’s a great way to at least cover the cost of the transaction fee! The amount is automatically added during the transaction.

Success Fee / Commission

You can take a commission from the host every time their place is booked by a guest. This is a percentage fee and can be set at 0% up to 100% (although that might not help your business grow!). The amount is automatically deducted after the transaction and sent to your PayPal account using PayPal’s adaptive payment system which means that in one single transaction two people can be paid (you and the host) – you can even decide who pays the transaction fee!

Standing Out From The Crowd

One of the major unique features is the built in affiliate program. Just to make certain that your site grows and gets the recognition it deserves you can ethically ‘bribe’ your members to promote your site by rewarding them with a commission everytime someone that they have referred books a place to stay.

You have full control over how much affiliate commission to pay out, you can even disable the feature if you want. When the users earn commission it is added to their wallet and they can request a withdrawal from their account. The withdraw requests show up in your admin area and can be approved and paid at a click of a button thanks to the built in PayPal mass pay function.

Find Out More

To request the demo and find out about pricing and customization options please visit our Burrow – Best vacation rental script  page and fill out the form at the bottom. If you’ve got any comments or questions about the software ask them in the comments below, if you want to be sent the demo details though you can get them instantly on the Burrow – Airbnb clone home page.