Around 15% of the world’s unemployed citizens are successfully employed. Thanks to the most business-friendly Freelancer clone script – Getlancer. It has helped over 500 webmasters to create a dynamic website like Freelancer and Elance. Now Getlancer is getting an unbelievable upgrade. It will have the most exceptional features and web designs, which will provide more results than ever before. Let’s check out the major highlights of this upgrade.

Compatible web designs for mobiles, desktops and tablets

Freelancer Clone-Bootstrap DesignAgriya combines creativity with technology to gain more than 40% of visitors to a Freelance website. We have re-designed the entire script with responsive web 3.0 designs. These designs have the capability to automatically adjust to screen sizes of various devices like iPad, iPhone, Smartphones, Tablets, Personal computers, Mac Books, etc.

Every pixel of this design is crafted with bootstrap. They have all the right elements at the right place. They will specially enrich the user experience and invite him repeatedly to the website. We have also used the essence of PJAX technology. This will enhance the websites loading speed. All these tech powered designs will help the website in various online marketing strategies.

View richer and detailed web statistics in the website’s back-end

Freelancer Clone-AdminNow webmasters can comfortably view the detailed information of their entire website easily. It is all because of the cutting-edge module – “Insights”. It shows the live data of the website in the back-end of the website. It shows statistics about users, revenue and project details.  It will also show the live growth trends of the website. The webmaster can review all the stats and plan his methodology to improvise the website to provide better results. Combine this module with the next module to get all the information of your website.

Easily integrate Google analytics in website’s back-end

Integrated Google AnalyticsGoogle analytics is a free tool for tracking on page website analysis. Agriya developed a module which displays all the real-time data of Google analytics in the back-end of the website. It provides a step wise data about the bounce rate of the website. Besides this, it also displays the transactions, page views, visits per country and the source of the visitors. This module helps him fetch all the necessary on page website data.

Social marketing – Market the website in social media for more results

Social MarketingEvery second there are more than 70,000 updates in various social media sites. This makes social media websites a perfect tool to brand the website in the most remarkable way. In order to take the maximum advantage of social media websites, Agriya developed a leading-edge module. This module will help the website to share the webpages, invite friends of users and Facebook comments. This module is tri-beneficial. It helps you in marketing, fetches you online results and improves the websites reputation.

High performance – Speed up the website loading time by 300%

High PerformanceHow would it be if a website can outshine their competitors quickly? Well we have developed a special module for Getlancer, which improves the website loading speed by 300%. This is achieved by the help of 8 modernized technologies. They are PullCDN, Cloud flare, E-mail Delivery, Redis, Google page Speed, Full page cache, Mem cache and AmazonS3. It will help your users to access the website in a short span of time. They will reward you by visiting your website repeatedly.

Final word

The new version of GetLancer is all set to provide the best results. Have a look at the fantastic demo of this script and experience the richness of it.