Agriya, a web development and web servicing company, announces the release of a new version of Anova, a knowledge sharing script. Right after the release of previous version, they have received many responses including comments, suggestions and recommendations from valuable customers. Based on customers’ feedbacks they added several new features to Anova and released it as a new version.

The following are the new features:

In the new version, apart from setting the audio and video details, admin can also view the video and audio settings in the admin panel.

The ‘recently answered question’ tab is added in both the index pages, to enable members to view the recent answers to their questions on a single click.

In the current version of Anova, members can send a custom email to the member who has raised a question. The aim of the customized messaging feature is to intimate the question’s owner that their question has been answered by them.

Now members can comment on answers posted by other members, so that members will know how good the answer is.

In the old version, when a user crosses the text limit in the description box, an alert message is shown only at the time of question submission. This was annoying users. But now, the system will offer the text limit at the bottom of the text box. When a user exceeds the text limit, it displays the exceeded text limit at the bottom of the description box and disables the submit button.

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