Just when you think the Internet can’t get any more granular, it goes and becomes even more granular. Yelp introduced us to the world of restaurant reviews so you could check out what others were saying about the place before you went out to splash $100 on a sub-standard meal. Now, Foodspotting has introduced us to a world where we can now not just rate the restaurant but the individual dish that we tried. We’re sure that this is a problem the world over, the steak burger was awesome but the chocolate sundae was a disappointment so how do you sum it up with just one rating?

Foodspotting have recently secured $3m in Series A funding and the concept is catching on as people want to share everything about themselves, not just where they are but what they are doing, eating and drinking there. Infact, Foodspotting has become so popular that Facebook have integrated it as one of their essential apps as part of their ‘frictionless’ sharing – where you share what you are doing without having to do anything, the apps do it for you automatically.

Attention like this means that it has caught the eye of many entrepreneurs around the world who want to introduce a similar concept to their own market and we’ve had a number of requests for a Foodspotting clone in the last few months. As regular readers to this blog will know, Agriya now exclusively develops software through our Ideas portal where entrepreneurs and investors from around the world can join together to get a share of each product we develop and earn up to 200% of their money back.

The Foodspotting clone project has generated enough interest to move from voting to funding and we are now looking for people to get in on the ground floor of this project. If you are looking to create a Foodspotting clone website then this is the ideal opportunity because not only are you getting the full software for a fraction of the cost you will have a big say in the development of the features and you will get a share of the sales until you get up to 200% of your money back. The other advantage is that you get to be one of the first sites to get up and running, gaining a clear advantage on any other potential competitors.

The project has a budget of $9,000 and investors have already pledged 25% of that. You can pledge just $750 (which will be a discount on the regular price plus you get all the additional benefits mentioned above) and there is no maximum that you can pledge. If you have been looking for a Foodspotting clone script then this is an opportunity you can’t pass up. Head over to the Agriya Ideas portal now to read more about the project, find out about the current investors and get involved with the discussion from other people interesting in running a site like this.

The Agriya Ideas portal has already seen a huge amount of success with BuySell, Burrow and GrubWithUs all being products of this crowdfunded concept. Investors in these products are already running their websites and earning a return on all sales that are made for these products.