A recent survey of young professionals and freelancers discovered that more than ever people are choosing the flexible freelance lifestyle over a corporate 9-5 job. Infact, 39% of people born after 1981 (sometimes referred to as millennials as they entered the job market from 2000 onwards) wanted to work at times and in conditions that suited them.

Furthermore, given the uncertain economy, more people than ever before are looking to supplement their income with any amount that they can, just look at the success of sites like Fiverr where people will do almost any type of work for a few dollars.

This willingness of the millennials to decide their own destiny and people looking for any type of work they can do from home presents a fantastic opportunity for anyone looking to capitalize on the fast growing freelance industry. In the same survey mentioned above, 95% of respondents said that they looked for freelance work online and preferred the convenience of seeing what work was available rather than actively seeking out work offline.

All this means that when you choose GetLancer, Agriya’s latest product, you are tapping in to a market that is hungry for work and a business environment where companies are keen to embrace the flexibility that freelancers can provide – from a business point of view freelancers don’t require office space, human resources, administration and a whole host of other expenses.

GetLancer is a product of Agriya’s Idea’s incubation programme where interested investors pledge their own money to deliver a product that blows everything else away. This isn’t a product that Agriya’s programmers think you want, this is a product designed, created and optimized by people that are willing to invest their own money in to making the greatest freelancer software available today. They haven’t let us have it easy either; 6 months in the making, we have been fine tuning it to their exact requirements and haven’t launched the product until they are 100% happy that what we have now is the best piece of software available.

We have incorporated the most popular features from all the big freelance sites like elance, scriptlance, freelancer, rentacoder, guru and oDesk so it’s difficult to say it’s a clone of any one particular website, more like a clone of the best features from all these websites.

Your users can post job requirements and thanks to the built in geo-locator the software is smart enough to know where the job is located so freelancers can discover jobs in their local area or the user can specify that only freelancers from a certain area can apply.This gives you a great edge if you want to target your site to a particular market or you don’t want the market to be flooded with cheap bids.

A built in project management tool helps the user set milestones and goals for the programmer who will be able to receive portions of the project money each time they reach a milestone set by the user. This means no more waiting until the end of the project to get paid and the freelancer can better manage their expenses and knows exactly when they will be getting their income (assuming they do the work to meet the milestones of course).

The software has been built to be as automatic and ‘hands free’ as possible to the point where even when the inevitable dispute arises, the software tries to automatically resolve the issue before you have to get involved.

Everything is taken care of by the software, from the deposits, the escrow, milestones, part-payment transfers, disputes, withdrawal requests and more. This leaves you free to promote and market your new freelancer website.

Your new freelance website, using GetLancer doesn’t mean you have to offer all kinds of freelance services, infact focusing on a certain type of freelance job and growing your website from there will be the best way to build your site because it helps to focus your marketing efforts. If you focus just on Flash animations, you can target freelance Flash designers and get them to sign up to your site, then using SEO or AdWords, promote your site as the place to go for Flash services, Flash customization and Flash games development.

You can make money in a whole variety of ways using GetLancer and it’s been designed especially to squeeze as much money out of your users as possible (but not in a bad way!). You can choose to set a fee for your users to post new projects, most sites charge from $5 to $25 per project. Then, once your website becomes more popular you can let your users make their project stand out from the crowd with the featured project option which can be another flat fee of $20 or more. You can also take a flat fee or a percentage commission on the final agreed price of the project, so if a project is awarded for $1000 and you take a 2% fee then you earn $20.

Every project that is posted to your website has the potential to earn $25 or more after the fees and commissions are taken in to account, compare that to a site like Scriptlance who have over 100 projects posted everyday and you could be looking at a very lucrative income and thanks to the automation built in to the script, it’s going to give you the time to be with your family or enjoy life on your own terms, not be locked up in the 9-5 cabin.

GetLancer is available to buy right now, come and check out the demo and see for yourself how awesome this new product is.

If you have any questions, comments or thoughts, please let us know in the comments below and we’ll get them answered for you.