The new job market has sprung up in the online world for gratifying the needs of the people who aspire to work independently. This new kind of employment norm is nothing but the great ever growing freelancing economy. It made a great changeover in the traditional working methods by turning it to the new and unique working practices. Presently, this flourishing economy is growing beyond the expectation. It is also estimated to reach high demand with the rising independent working community.

Agriya visualizes the increasing needs in freelancing community and has come up with a dynamic Getlancer script. This freelancer clone helps the budding entrepreneurs to make a headway in the freelancing industry. A website created in this superior way assists them to have a competitive edge over their business.

Getlancer product need in the international arena

Freelance industry have been continuously gaining popularity because of its unique business model. Many small, medium and large scale international businesses are taking the lead with this flourishing freelancing concept. Agriya noticed the business opportunity in the freelancing industry and established a Getlancer platform to the online world.

This platform is classified into three broad freelancing business models such as Bidding, jobs listing and portfolio. These 3 exclusive scripts are in a huge demand in the industry, which helps the entrepreneurs to launch a successful multipurpose freelancing website in a short duration of time. This product is developed to gratify the need of international players who wish to enter into this booming industry.

Getlancer- to ease the burden of the entrepreneurs

Now, entrepreneurs can bring life to their own freelancing site with less effort. This Getlancer script is developed with cutting-edge technology and highly secured coding. It also embeds the website with all needed features, modules and all other necessary tools to operate and manage the website efficiently.

Bring in exceptional business opportunities

High-end business chances are there, when we discuss about the freelancing industry. The way of working may be freelancing, but each business vertical has its own operational activities for accomplishing the task perfectly. Getlancer is developed in such a way and it is highly flexible to numerous industries wherever the freelancing concept is applicable.

Earning-A critical factor to your success

Getlancer kick starts your earning at the earlier stage of your website launch. The money will automatically roll in continuously to your freelancing website, as this script fully integrates the website with all splendid revenue making options.

Your Freelancing website can easily go mobile

These days, mobile phones are playing a key role to drive success for the business like freelancing. Moreover, freelance workers are moving forward in reshaping the working style with the colossal changeover.

Agriya’s Getlancer script is also available in the form of application for bidding, jobs listing and portfolio business models in the Apple iTunes. Get your required app of the respective business model for your mobile version of the freelancing website. Start earning immediately with a few touches by establishing the freelancing website in your iPhones with ease.