Initially, we designed Volume – a musical script for music lovers to run a successful musical website in the online world. Right after the release we received many responses with comments, suggestions and recommendations from our valuable customers. We listened, responded, and their proposals and have been put together and implemented into a brand new version known as – Volume 1.3 version.

Here are some new features of the new versions, which are bound to help you run a successful musical website and obtain for yourself, a unique place in the musical world:

Word Filtering: In the current version, if users encounter abusive or inappropriate content including images of child abuse, they can report them to admin. The admin can help them by filtering the abusive content on site.

My Personalized Home Settings: Using drag and drop feature, users can drag widgets like my messages, comments, videos, albums, photos, blogs, and friends in the home page as per their requirements.

Shopping Cart: Users can select favorite songs from the albums according to their likes and shop online through PayPal or with ease.

Ajax Star Rating: The star system is the most popular classification system. In the current version, users can use a star rating system to rate videos and photos posted by other members, so that the other users will know how good a certain listing is.

Tag Clouds: Using the tag clouds feature; users can easily find the number of members within the particular tag. Apart from this, they can also find unsigned /signed members within the tag.

Multiple Captcha settings: in the new version, we implemented multiple captcha settings such as recaptcha and default captcha on site. Admin can use them as per their wishes to verify that the data submitted originates from an actual human and not a robot.