Have you carved out your website with mobile-friendly aspect? If not, it’s has never been the right time to start making your website with highly responsive web designs for easily adapting to the smartphones because Google has rolled out the new mobile-friendly algorithm on 21st April, 2015. Hereafter, the Google search engine rankings will give more priority for mobile-friendly website. Let’s have a look the FAQ related to the latest release of Google Mobile-friendly algorithm which helps to get a clear understanding about this new update.

1. When is Google releasing the mobile-friendly algorithm?

Google has released an incredible algorithm on April 21st to provide support for mobile friendly websites. This algorithm will cater mobile friendly websites a raise on smartphones.

2. If I make my site mobile friendly today, how long will it take Google to pick up on those changes?

This is a real time algorithm and consumes a few hours to 72 hours. Google will crawl along every web page of your website to identify whether it is mobile friendly. If you have a very large site it might even a month to pick the changes.

3. Will my non mobile friendly web site drop in the rankings tomorrow, April 21st?

Not immediately. Google clearly stated this algorithm takes a few weeks to roll out. So you might identify changes on your non mobile friendly as soon as Google rolls out this algorithm.

4. Will Google News, Local Results, In The News, Videos, be impacted by this algorithm?

Not by any means, it will affect the local results, Google News or other searches. This new update has its influence completely on the core web search rankings on smartphones.

5. Will desktop and/or tablet ranking also be affected by this change?

No, it doesn’t affect desktop and/or tablet ranking .This mobile friendly algorithm is developed in a way that it has effects absolutely on searches from mobile devices. This is a universal change and has effects on search rankings done on mobile devices in all languages.

6. Will my site / page disappear on mobile search results if it’s not mobile-friendly?

Yes, Google’s mobile-friendly update is significant, still people employ numerous signals to rank search results on desktops. Your site gets high search rank even if a non mobile friendly web page holds high quality content that has been widely demanded.

7. Is the mobile friendly algorithm site-wide or on a web page by web page basis?

Yes, this is a brilliant algorithm which truly run on a page by page basis rather than site-wide. Your site gains benefit even if it contains a few web pages that are mobile friendly.

8. What about site speed? If my mobile site is slow but my desktop site is fast, will I be negatively impacted?

As of now, you won’t. There are a wide range of desktop signals that has various positive impacts and still powers mobile ranking.

9. What if my audience is desktop only? Then there’s no reason to have a mobile site, right?

Not definitely. Google has figured out that most people are going on mobile devices for searching several websites.

10. Will this impact AdWords ads?

No it will not affect Adwords because it posses their own mobile factors.