Google Reader just saw an intriguing update added to its bag of tricks recently. Let’s say, that you visit parts of a website that don’t advertise an RSS feed ability. What would happen if you still insisted on signing up for one? Up until now, you would just have found an error message from Google Reader about how you were mistaken in your impression that the page featured an RSS feed. The updated Google Reader though, will summarily create a custom feed for the page that you are interested in, and send you updates on it, whenever it crawls through. You’ll get a little notification of changes made to the pages you chose. If you happen to have a gossip page you have an eye on, or the latest prices on a product, Google Reader should track it for you. You can actually use any competing feed reader that you like, to access the service too. All you need to do is click on the Show Details link on the new feed. There are other services that allow something of this nature too, Change Detection , being one such example. And It won’t just give you a little snippet of the page in question either, like Google Reader does;there are plenty of details on offer, and an RSS feed of them too.