Agriya builds many of its latest applications using 3rd party API’s and functionalities to provide a richer environment for the users of your website. Whether it’s Facebook Connect to let your users login with their Facebook details or Google Maps to provide geo-targeted based content, we strive to offer something more than what our competitors are offering.

Unfortunately using 3rd party tools to add additional functionality puts you at the mercy of those providers and as it turns out two of our biggest providers have cut off the services which many of our customers relied on.

The first is service to be cut off is Google Translation. We used this tool to enable our clients to quickly and easily translate their entire website in to over 50 languages at a click of a button. Agriya were one of the only providers to offer this service and it was extremely cost effective when compared to hiring a professional translator to translate the thousands of words of text.

Google has decided that using the Google Translation API should no longer be free and as some of our customers have found out, any attempts to translate your site now using the built in code will be prevented. In the place of the free Google Translation service, Google have implemented an Enterprise solution where you can pay to machine translate the text on your website. Agriya is looking in to this new API to see if there is a way we can offer cost effective translation services for your website. In the meantime all Agriya’s products let you manually translate your website.

Google’s decision to turn the Google Translation API affects all Agriya products

The second tool that has been restricted to affect our customers is PayPal’s Mass Payment function. Many of our products made use of the PayPal Mass Pay function so that the admin could pay the sellers on their website. For reasons that are not entirely clear, PayPal has started to disable this function in many PayPal accounts which means that our customers can no longer pay all their sellers with one click of a button.

We’re still not sure why PayPal are doing this but from what little information we have received it could be connected with the account activity on your website. Unfortunately there is no way to enable this feature and you will need to beg to PayPal to let you have it.

There are a couple of workarounds available. The first is Agriya will be making sure you can pay your sellers individually and hope to have this new functionality available soon. The second is the adaptive payments option which is available on some of our products where the seller gets paid instantly rather than having to request a withdrawal.

PayPal’s decision to restrict the Mass Pay option affects the following products

  • GroupDeal
  • FPPlatform
  • FPPlatformUltraPlus
  • Burrow
  • GetLancer
  • GroupWithUs
  • SFPlatform
  • BuySell
  • CoupReseller
  • Flipit

We’re really sorry about the inconvenience this may cause you and hope to have suitable workarounds in place as early as possible. Agriya is always striving to make better products and incorporate useful features that our clients want, but as you can see here we’re still at the mercy and whims of 3rd party providers.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.