It’s a festive time of the year for most people in the world and even here in India with the mercury pushing 30ºC (86ºF for our American readers) there is a festive spirit going around with the churches holding carol concerts and decorations going up in offices.

To celebrate this special time of the year and to really help you make 2012 the best year ever we have got a time sensitive sale going on with a large number of our most popular products discounted up to 33%. But hurry because this sale won’t last forever and on the 5th January 2012 we’ll be resetting the prices back to normal.

25% Off Flipit

Everyday tens of thousands of dollars worth of virtual real estate (websites and domains) are sold on online marketplaces like Flippa. By charging a listing fee and a success fee on the winning bid, companies that enable this type of website buying and selling transaction are raking in thousands of dollars each day. Infact, on the day of writing this blog post, have sold over $70,000 worth of websites which means they have earned $3,500 in 24 hours without lifting a finger!

Flipit will enable you to run a website marketplace where people can list websites for sale, view earning and traffic statistics, ask questions, use an escrow for safety and review seller feedback. It’s the only solution on the market and an incredible way to leverage the hard work of others to make a profit.

Was $1000 Now Just: $750

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25% Off Nabit

How much junk do you have in your garage that you haven’t gotten around to shifting yet? What if someone was to come knocking at your door and offer to take it away for free, you’d probably help them load it in to their truck! This is the concept in Nabit, some stuff is just too big or too damaged to sell on eBay but it might still have a use for someone. Nabit lets you build a marketplace of freebies and people from your local area can find stuff that’s available for free.

Since Nabit helps you make a freebie marketplace it can become the go to site for anyone who is in urgent need of something and doesn’t have the money to buy – especially in these austere times. You can profit from this by advertising a number of services like packaging materials, van hire, courier companies, insurance and more. You can also incorporate AdSense ads in to your site and earn money from clicks.

Was $1000 Now Just: $750

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33% Off TweetPic

40 characters is big business with Twitter securing tens of millions of dollars in funding and generating good revenues thanks to its sponsored tweets program. It’s also help establish an eco-system of supporting sites that can use the reach and popularity of Twitter to grow and earn an income. One of the most popular sites is TwitPic which in 2010 generated revenues of over $2m just from letting people upload photos and share them on Twitter.

TweetPic works in quite a similar way with short URL’s, discussion options and also lets users share videos that they’ve found. You can make money by promoting images or using AdSense on your site.

Was $750 Now Just: $500

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33% Off PeeweePay

1Does your granny know how to sell stuff online? Well if she tried using PeeweePay she would! In 60 seconds or less your visitors can start selling their physical or digital products on your website and it has the flexibility to allow product variations and more. With geo-location based technology, your buyers can find products in their local area to support the local businesses.

PeeweePay is a clone of the hugely popular TinyPay website and makes you money 24/7 like clockwork by charging a commission on every sale that is made. Thanks to the advanced PayPal adaptive payments that’s integrated you don’t even need to worry about paying your sellers because it’s done automatically and you’ll receive your commission instantly.

Was $750 Now Just: $500

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33% Off Exposure

Did you know that Sortfolio makes around $20,000 each month from advertising fees? Essentially it’s a classified ads directory with an innovative layout and targeting a very specific niche of web designers. Exposure follows the same principle with a unique layout and design where visitors can browse specific services and view feedback and case studies of the companies that are advertising.

You can make money using Exposure by targeting small niches such as wedding photographers, plumbers, graphic designers etc. and charging them a monthly or annual subscription to be featured on your site.

Was $750 Now Just: $500

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33% Off iSocial Pro

Who said social networks are dead? More than ever, older websites are turning to social networks to reinvent themselves or offer a better community experience to their members. iSocial Pro is one of the oldest and still the foremost social networking software you’re likely to need to run a community website targeted at specific niches.

iSocial Pro has everything you need to foster and develop a community of like-minded individuals with features like status updates, messaging, groups, photo albums, sharing of content and more. It’s perfectly designed to allow relevant advertising where you can make money as an affiliate or charge money for companies to put their banners on your site.

Was $750 Now Just: $500

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Get Your Freebies!

Never in a million years did we think we’d be giving away these products but the orders came down from high up and have been duly carried out. These products have remained consistently popular since the day we launched them and we’re looking to try out some new business models by seeing what happens when we offer a product for free.


In a social world even the traditional internal business processes are being socialized. Discuzz is the best Social CRM solution on the market and designed specifically to help you business in three key areas: customer support, sales and marketing. Your customers can post pre-sales questions or technical support issues and the power of the community combines to answer questions about the product or service, reducing the amount of money you need to spend on resources.

Discuzz has been designed to facilitate traditional forum discussions with a new solutions based approach where someone can ask a question and various solutions can be proposed. If you are not making your business social you are missing out on cost savings and leveraging the power of your company evangelists. Even Agriya is hard at work integrating Discuzz in to our customers area.

Download Discuzz Now


Last year Digg made an astonishing $31m which is a huge amount considering that the only thing the site does is let people submit interesting news stories. But thanks to their promoted articles (similar to Twitters promoted tweets) and innovative ad displays more and more advertisers are looking to leverage the massive traffic that Digg can give and hit the holy grail of the “Digg effect”.

MarkIt is a full social bookmarking script that lets you run a website like Digg, Delicious, Reddit and MrWong. With advanced anti-spam controls built in and a full advertising management dashboard your members can submit news stories, network with each other, discuss articles and click on your ads which make you money.

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Does your website let users upload a profile pic? Then you need MugShot! to let your users take photos of themselves directly from your website and then give themselves a complete makeover thanks to the awesome filters and special effects that can be applied while the photo is being taken.

MugShot! can be integrated in to virtually any platform and server that runs PHP. A programmer may be required for integration. Your users will the new feature that has been added to your site and now this fantastic software comes with the best price available – 100% free!

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These deals are not going to last and on 5th January we’ll be resetting to the original prices. These products are all proven in scale, proven in reliability and proven in helping you to build a substantial income from the Internet. Visit the Agriya Customer Area for more deals and offers.