The number of new group buying websites running Agriya’s software is growing at a frantic pace, but there was one client who launched their site that really caught our eye. The website is called My Super Deal Today and currently focus on the city of Birmingham, Alabama, USA.

My Super Deal Launched With 1000 Customers On The First Day

My Super Deal Launched With 1000 Customers On The First Day

The reason they caught our eye is because we believe that out of all the groupon clones, this site has had the biggest opening offer to date. My Super Deal Today started out with an offer from a local restaurant for a chicken dinner for 4 people for just just $10 and over 1,400 people purchased the deal, netting the site an incredible $14,000 in a day.

To put this another way, they covered the cost of the website development in their first few hours.

This isn’t a one off either because other deals have pulled in hundreds of customers, making even more money for the business.

Why have My Super Deal Today been so successful? Simply because they have focused on one location and channeled all their energies in to making the site a success in that one place. That’s a key point you need to think about if you want to create your own daily group buying deal site – the money is in the niches. Focus on one location first and grow your site organically from there.

And if you are wondering how Agriya’s software handled all the buyers, the word from the customer is that it worked flawlessly with no problems whatsoever. We currently have a short queue of group buying projects to work through but if you want to get your site up and running please have a look at what we can offer on our groupon clone script page.