Careful observers of Agriya’s product releases may have noticed a slow down recently in the number of new updates for our Groupon clone software, GroupDeal. That doesn’t mean that we’re assigning resources to other projects, far from it, demand for GroupDeal and the daily deals industry has been as strong as ever but we wanted to take some time to really improve our product in the market and make it not just the best choice but the only logical choice to run your daily deals or group buying website.

Agriya is already the number one provider of daily deal software and as the map below demonstrates we’ve sold GroupDeal to customers around the world and in every single major market.

With over 600 minor bug fixes, changes, loads of feature additions, dramatic speed optimization as well as a complete overhaul in the admin user interface, we’re calling this release GroupDeal 2.0 and once you see it for yourself you’ll wonder how you can run a daily deals site with anything less. The developers themselves are so proud of it that in a recent developer blog post they mentioned that they did an all nighter just to get the product released to the testing team on time!

Built For The Enterprise

The biggest change to GroupDeal 2.0 though is that it is built for the enterprise daily deal website, the large site that has multiple deals spanning multiple locations. In its S-1 SEC filing, Groupon alluded to the fact that it makes its money based on data mining and this is a concept we have introduced in GroupDeal 2.0 – the admin and merchant area is jam packed with data and statistics to ensure you are getting the most out of the deals that you are offering.


The demographics charts of GroupDeal 2.0 have been improved so you know exactly the type of person who uses your site so you can approach merchants to create deals to appeal to this specific group. The new interface gives you all the information you need at a quick glance to know who your market is and which demographics are actually buying your deals.

Price Point Data

Demographics can only tell you so much though, using historical data from past purchases you will now know exactly what price points give you the most profit per deal so that you can create future deals around this price point. Of course, never stop testing and all the purchase data is fed in to an array of charts and graphs so you can see and compare how prices affects your profitability.

Coupon Usage Information

One of the key areas of profitability for the merchant is how many people actually use the coupon. We have all been there and bought a great deal and then never got around to using it before it expired. According to Yipit, they reckon that the number of coupons that goes unredeemed is around 10-20% per deal so you can use this as a selling point to the merchants you recruit.

Live Deal Status

Instantly see the status of all the deals currently running on your website in a quick graphical snapshot. You’ll see all the deals that are currently saved as a draft, those that are upcoming, open and live deals, deals that have recently closed and older expired deals.

Content Delivery Network Integration

When you are running an enterprise site you need your visitors to be able to access it quickly from anywhere which is where a content delivery network (CDN) comes in. GroupDeal has been setup to allow you to utilize a CDN to dramatically speed up your website where ever the visitor comes from. GroupDeal 2.0 works with all the major CDN’s on the market.

iPhone Apps Integration

Now you can find out how many people are using your GroupDeal iPhone app and even send them messages directly to their phone using our unique Push technology. When you purchase the GroupDeal iPhone apps we will connect it to your GroupDeal website and you’ll find out exactly who is using your apps and what iPhone version they are using.

More Powerful Affiliate Program

From the feedback we’ve been getting from our GroupDeal customers from around the world and we know that most of you are in love with the built in affiliate program. Most enterprise daily deal sites are looking for that competitive marketing advantage which is what the affiliate program provides so we have spent a lot of time improving and expanding the features and data reporting that you get from the built in program to make it a world class.

Massive Performance Gains

We made GroupDeal 1.0 to be as fast as possible but GroupDeal puts the afterburners on the core engine and page loads are now 28% quicker thanks to the optimized Javascript, image sprites, condensed CSS and improved mySQL queries (we’re hitting the database much less now).

A Quantum Leap Forward

GroupDeal 2.0 is a quantum leap forward for daily deal scripts and offers all the features a serious enterprise company will need to run a national or global group buying website. We’ve always marketed GroupDeal as a Groupon clone because when we built the first version of the software 2 years ago that’s what it was, but with all the new features and fantastic new interface we think it won’t be long until Groupon becomes a GroupDeal 2.0 clone!

GroupDeal 2.0 and GroupDeal Lite

This new release will sell for our standard price of $1,000 which is a steal given the amount of time and effort that has gone in to crafting this beautiful software. However, we also appreciate that many people don’t want to run an enterprise type operation and want to offer some deals just to their own local market so we have branched off the software to create GroupDeal Lite.

As the name implies GroupDeal Lite is a lighter version of GroupDeal 2.0 without all the reporting, stats, performance increases etc. It’s designed as a simple script to get you up and running quickly and without hassles. GroupDeal Lite is already a proven platform because it powers hundreds of live websites right now. Since this is the slimmed down version we are offering it at the rock bottom price of just $750.

Existing Customers

Agriya promised all customers that they would get lifetime updates and true to our word if you have purchased GroupDeal from us you will get free access to GroupDeal 2.0, however since there are so many core changes upgrading your script to the latest version is not straightforward for a non-developer. We include the patch files and instructions for you to make the upgrade though.

Clients who go on to purchase GroupDeal Lite will continue getting lifetime updates to the GroupDeal Lite software.

Why Choose Agriya

Agriya were the first company to enter the market with a group buying script which we marketed as a Groupon clone. We are based in Chennai which is a hotbed of talented programmers and designers which allows us to hand pick the best programmers in the country and provides a clear advantage over competitors from smaller cities who have to rely on a smaller job pool.