is all very excited to make the new ‘version release v2.0b7′ of it’s champion product “GroupDeal” — has churned out this new version owing to the new and the latest updates/tweaks that the Groupon website has undergone recently — Agriya would also like to thank its customers here — Agriya to-date has sold out few thousands of GroupDeal scripts, the feedback and support from all these script-owners and also from our newbies has immensely contributed to this product build. You can witness that all the factors owing to this release are going to a big game-changer for one and all.

What’s new with this version?

Deal Categories – With a new comprehensive look and approach Deal categories are now listed in a more easy to access manner – All the Categories of the Deal will be listed towards the left-top corner of the home-page – Here you can view all the details of a particular category yet, stay on the main category list page – You can view all the items under a particular category just by clicking on that category, and all the item for the category will be displayed adjacent to the list – downwards.

Advanced Merchant dashboard – As we all know that the Merchants are the real Deal-makers on the website, and therefore we have integrated all the necessary ingredients that a Merchant/shop owner needs to know about his/her shop. Here the Merchants can have a look over his/her site’s stats, Deal purchases, coupons and also the Users who have made these buys. So all the more a feel of running a private-shop on the GroupDeal website, this certainly will boost the Merchants immensely.

Ad-captcha advertising – Ad-captcha is a new approach to the conclusive advertising methodologies with the resilience to target by country, language, keyword and category. Ad-captcha adds both to your earning and security advancements – Solve Media captcha is a privately held CAPTCHA service specializing in type-in security checks, where-in you will be given a visual puzzle and you will have to make an entry appropriately to complete the registrations.

Ad-banner management – Our new Ad-Banner management program will help you to advertise other websites based on the geographical location, and other similarly correlating factors – Ad-Banner management will just let you to advertise other neighbour or foreign websites on your website and earn happy-dollars by affiliating with these websites. You can start earning through this program by enrolling on the websites like ad-sense, ad-choices and many more..

GZIP implementation – With the aim of building user-friendly interface this new version of Groupdeal has implemented the new GZIP catche implementations, which will just enable the User’s to fetch their destined landing-pages in a more swift and economical manner.

Light box appearance – With the introductions of the new light box appearances, the visual experience on the webiste will be very professional, clear and neat. This new approach has also added the new and comprehensive way of presenting the details to the Users, besides being very attractive and eye-smashing!!

Social Sharing – Social sharing will let you to share all your Deals on social networks and enable the referential in-flows for the websites through your sharings. Social networks can play a big role in multiplying the Deal-business – With the aid of some of the third party plugins like facebook like, twitter tweet, G+ and Pin it, you will be able to share your deal posts instantly and effortlessly.

GroupDeal Used Around The World

Agriya’s groupon clone has seen an ecstatic sale over the years and to-date Agriya has sold-out few thousands of scripts and we have already received a humongous pre-orders for this version!! Agriya with such an enormous Customer-base planned a round of feedback and suggestion from all these existing customers along with the comprehend newbies, and what came of out this was an exhaustive list for the new upgradations which the customers thought would make the script better – Agriya made a thorough research on these and then arranged a strategic meeting with both the Marketing and the Development teams to hatch out this latest new looking, User-friendly, Tech-savvy and an alluring version of the GroupDeal.

Groupdeal is available to buy right now, come and check out the demo and see for yourself how awesome this product is.