Today some of the most popular group buying websites and Groupon clones around the world rely on Agriya’s GroupDeal software to power their website. In a little over 18 months, thousands of clients have set up their group buying website and we’re extremely proud to say that you will find GroupDeal being used in over 40 different countries – and counting!

Whether it’s TipToken in London, Bevvy in Los Angeles, AdBees in Sao Paulo, Just Thenga in Johannesburg, PromoCiti in Buenos Aires or Pet Deals in New York; the market leaders all choose Agriya’s GroupDeal software.

It’s no coincidence that Agriya’s software is being used by hundreds of websites, with our 11 year history and dedication to creating quality products, Agriya has ensured that GroupDeal has remained ahead of the market curve since the day it was released.

We’ve not sat back and admired our handy work either, every month we are evolving GroupDeal to add more features and ensure that it’s always ahead of the competition and allows our customers to build the a group buying website to rival Groupon, Living Social and Buy With Me.

This month sees the launch of the latest version of GroupDeal, version 1.0b3 which has fixed dozens of small bugs that have been reported over the last few months and introduces some great new features to boot.

Multiple Coupon Options

You can now offer your customers multiple coupon options to choose from when they buy a deal. For example, not everyone is looking for a coupon on a meal for 2 so if a business wants to sell a food coupon you can let the restaurant create different deal options for 2 people, 4 people or a family coupon. The buyer can then select a coupon which is most appropriate for them.

Manage Multiple Coupons

Easy To Use Interface Lets You Add Multiple Coupons to a Deal

Adding multiple coupon options is the same as adding a regular coupon but instead of creating one coupon you have the ability to add multiple coupons for that deal. You can add an unlimited number of coupon options for any deal.

When the customer clicks on the buy button a small pop-up box will display asking the user which coupon they want to buy, and if the coupon has sold out it’ll let the customer know.

Customers can select from multiple coupons

Your Customers Can Choose A Coupon That Suits Them

Pre-Launch Squeeze Page

Now you can start building a buzz about your site and adding subscribers before you have even launched. Simply ticking a box in the admin settings page will turn your site in to a squeeze page which announces the imminent launch of your site and offers visitors the option to get notified when you are ready with your first deal. It’s called a squeeze page because the only option for the visitor is to enter their email or leave so you are squeezing their contact details out of them.

Squeeze page management

Set Up Your Squeeze Page From The Admin Area

The squeeze page option is perfect to starting building your subscribers before you even have a deal. You can customize all the text and the background image on the squeeze page

Squeeze page captures users email addresses

The Squeeze Page Builds Your List Before Your Site Launches

Budget Calculator

You asked for it and now you’ve got it! When a company adds a new deal they can quickly find out how many coupons they can offer based on their budget. For example if the company wants to allocate a budget of $1000 for a deal and they sell the coupon at a $50 discount for $450 then the calculator will tell them that they can offer a maximum of 20 coupons for sale.

budget calculator

The Budget Calculator Lets You See How Many Coupons You Can Sell

Total Currency Management

When we launched GroupDeal 18 months ago we didn’t anticipate just how many different countries it would be used in. This created a range of problems, key of which was managing the currency formats for every country. Some countries use commas to denote thousands, some use lakhs, others use decimals to denote millions and some currencies have zero decimal places so it’s pointless to have a .00 afterwards.

manage currency options

Now You Can Manage The Currencies From All Over The World

In the latest version we have addressed this with an all new currency management screen which lets you set all the variables you need for the currency used on your site.

New Login Options

Another new feature that have had our customers knocking down our door is more login options. Previously we had just Facebook Connect for people to login but now we’ve quadrupled the number of options and your users can login using their Twitter, Yahoo, Google and OpenID accounts. Easier logins means more members, it’s dead simple really!

login options

Now Your Members Can Login Using Existing Accounts

Getting The Latest Version

Unfortunately the GroupDeal developers have been unable to figure out how to make an upgrade path between older versions and this new version. We know this is extremely frustrating so we’re pushing them all the time to find a solution so everyone can use the latest version! However, in the meantime if you want to use the latest version, your sales rep can send you the download or Agriya can install it for you for a small fee.

Demo and Pricing

To check out the demo and find out the pricing and customization options, please fill out the form on the bottom of our Groupon clone page. You’ll instantly get an email with all the details.

Please take some time to check out all the features of GroupDeal and ensure that the script fits your requirements.