Nowadays, the auto renting platforms are in the luck of gaining more connotation in the modern online world. It has drastically changed from the on-demand service to self-drive where the car rental space has been in beseech continuously. The Zoomcar, Revv, Just Ride, MiCar and many others competitors can be seen flourishing up in the car rental marketplace. Each of these car rental companies is striving to get an opportunity to showcase their services and thereby disembarking the top position.

The growing demand for self-drive can be clearly seen in the case of ZoomCar which had been established in the year 2013 with just seven cars and now expanded to 1,800 cars with the price range varying between Rs.95 to 250 per hour and now are planning on to add 7,000 more new cars across 15 more cities. The same is the case with other self-drive companies where they incorporate many features that entice more users to their platform.

Will Car Rental Platforms be a Collapse for Car Manufacturers?

According to some ground work, it has been discovered that one self-driving car is taking over around 15 cars which are seen as a threat for the car making industries. But the dilemma here is different,in which the case is that the rental vehicles just play as a substituent for them in certain cases such as holiday trips, or some other emergency needs. The automobile industries, therefore, wont be disturbed due to the sharing attitude from the automobile space.

With a huge number of competitors in the automobile rental marketplace, it is however supposed that only a few of them will survive for the longer run. So if you as a webmaster want to be one among them, then this is the right time where Agriya takes you to the best innovative use with the ready made Car Rental Script- Rent&Ride.

How to Develop a Vehicle Rental Platform?

An effective auto rental platform should have a script that embodies all the necessarily modules and features that lead to the effective functionalities of the website. It should be transparent in the sense that it must be simple and clear to understand by the owner and the renter. There must be a clear and specific description of how each and every feature works.

Essential Features Needed for Developing

Take the initiative to experience the richness of our everlasting car rental script to get a clear understanding of this ready made script as we list down the features below :

User-friendly Listing Options

We have made our script with a unique listing option that facilitates the vehicle owners to effectively list down their automobiles in order to get renters on the steady basis.

Rate Fixation

This auto rental system comes up with the feature where the user can fix a minimum and maximum rate as per the market price.

Add-on Accessories

Users can come up with their ideas of adding additional fittings and request for it while renting a vehicle.

Attractive Discounts

As an entrepreneur you can earn for your business by adding on special discounts for every special occasions, thereby ranking the site traffic. This will also lead the car owners in attracting more efficient renters swiftly.

Control Panel

Being the admin this can enable you to have control of the entirety. This facilitates you to have a quick glance on the rented car details, site activities, revenue and much more.

Apart from this, there are immense facilities integrated into the script that will aid in rising you up from the budding phase. As an entrepreneur, the next concern of you might be that of car rental business model and revenue flow. For that also our team has the best solution for you by adding the advantage of revenue model options in the script. This helps in running the car rental business in a profitable and wise manner. Check out the demo of the script here,Demo Video Effect


With Agriya’s readymade auto rental script- Rent&Ride, kick start your own distinctive online vehicle rental portal effortlessly and taste the success of your growth in it.