It would be really hard only to point out a particular reason on why online messaging apps have become so popular and all-important. If you wonder why’s that, then probably you are not aware how well and how smartly businesses are using it to carry out their operations. With that, they give themselves a better chance to find increased user interactions, as users/customers can connect with the brand, browse and watch content.

It has to be said that businesses and marketers have made the most out of it by achieving customer engagement, increased retention, and stunning demographics, thanks to cheaper devices, minimal data prices, and improvised features.

This only opens up new opportunities for entrepreneurs to unlock the huge potential of this market which never seems to be diminishing anytime soon.

Things you must know about chat applications

In a recently concluded research, it has been found out that half the world’s population are actively using at least one chat application. With no doubts, Whatsapp and Facebook messenger are leading the chart, recording most number of users with 1.2 billion and 1.9 billion respectively. On an average, a Whatsapp user spends nearly 200 minutes of a week’s time using the service.

As these number suggests, messaging apps are well on course to overshadow social networking apps, already it’s fading the line between messaging and social networking. Applications like Instagram and Snapchat aren’t pure dedicated messaging applications, yet, they never missed out on including private messaging functions to compliment the core purpose which is social content sharing. It’s no surprise as a new wave of business techniques are planned and executed inclusive of this platform.

Statistics Facts About Messaging Apps

Why chat app marketing is profitable?

Forget exchanging messages and files, there are other distinct characteristics that looked and looks convincing enough for businesses and marketers. The time a user spends on a chatting application is the key driving factor which interests and brings investors here. According to Forrester’s research, daily, a consumer comes across 5,000 different promotional content. Taking the conversion rate into consideration, the real trick lies in finding the right set of audiences to whom a brand can reach faster. Although there aren’t pre-existing monetization methods or standards in messaging apps, some chat platforms did that by targeting a user base with the help of specific technologies and ended up really successful. Cost of building a chat app is also not that expensive, however you must employ right strategies and ideas.

Increased Interactions

Consumers are finding it very easy and comfortable interacting with brands through messaging apps. It’s estimated that more than a million messages are exchanged between businesses and consumers on Facebook messenger every month. Now, Businesses are aggressively moving towards where the consumers are actually. They get almost 100% open rate, compared to a modest 25-30% of emails.

Artificial intelligence

Now, with limelight being shed over conversational marketing, chat bots are highly fancied for business. Through chat bots, businesses can really become responsive. Imagine a chatbot programmed impeccably which could handle customer queries by themselves. However, it will be very challenging indeed for an organization to design a chat bot of such class. Ultimately, with the help of chat bots and messaging applications companies can set up full-fledged automated processes.

An Entrepreneur’s delight

In concurrence to everything discussed above, these tools aid in market acceleration by which entrepreneurs can ensure the steep growth of their business, especially at the get go. Also, this proves to be a great choice for workforce management as well. The speed with which communication can be carried out makes this a serious contender for effecting instant communication and catalyzing collaboration

Final Words

To assist entrepreneurs in getting an instant solution for developing online chat app, Agriya has released BlaberChat – WhatsApp clone. It’s designed in a way, where, it can be adapted for several business verticals by the process of customization.

Built with latest technical tools, it offers valuable features like Video file transfer to a maximum limit of 50mb, Facebook synchronization and group chat for a total of 1000 members.

BlaberChat to Develop WhatsApp Clone