Over the course of time, chat applications have drawn interest and attention of entrepreneurs from all quarters. What were once some small and humble start-ups, have now attained a global reach by developing a messaging app product with a far-reaching model. However, given the constant technological evolution, no businesses are safe. There’s an increased demand to forge user expectations by applying latest available practices. It isn’t easy nor improbable, where it all begins with laying a solid foundation up front. Simply, while developing your instant messaging application, the focus should be on putting together an application which would support all future advancements. Just in case, if you wonder how to? Here, we walk you through various nuances in developing a chat application.

Is your idea really bankable?

There are no doubts that you might face stiff competition in the form of heavyweights like Whatsapp, WeChat, Facebook Messenger, SnapChat, Hike, Hangout and the list goes on and on. This doesn’t necessarily mean that chances for market penetration are slightly less. It can work the other way around by forcing you to formulate an innovative model that really works. Planning and precision are the keys here, having a unique idea in place alone don’t help. Reassess several times, before fixing the model for revenue. If you want to opt for the tried and tested model, then make sure that you improve the existing model with something fresh.

The crucial part

The big question that you’ll be confronting up next is, what platform to choose for the actual development? A huge number of native, hybrid and cross-platform apps are specifically being built based on the target environment. Your target audience comes first above all, larger the user base, the less difficult it becomes to publicize and later monetize the application. Knowing the common and basic functionalities of the platforms will not give you a clear indication. You’ve to apprehend the drawbacks and limitations of every platform to narrow down your choices. If you’re concerned with cost containment for the developmental process, then you have effective workable options too. Free app development tools are indeed proving to be a great choice.

Also, analyzing the piracy concerns of each operating system is paramount. There is a piracy loophole in Google Playstore which is yet to be resolved completely. Easily, apps are getting pirated and distributed as apk files. As a result of which, monetization options in the Android operating system are proving to be a matter of concern. iOS, on the other hand, provides tighter measures to prevent such breach. Applications, either free or paid, can only be downloaded after validation from Apple App Store.

Real-time technical resources

There are a handful of resources nowadays to help out developers in bringing about an application in no time. Developers have the cushion of choosing between various choices of an environment.

For creating iOS dedicated apps, they will have to work with Xcode, as it supports a variety of programming languages like C, C++, objective-C++, Python, Java, Rez, Ruby and swift. What’s even more helpful is the latest addition “live debugging tool” and a relatively new yet powerful language called Swift. However, there still exists a space for improvement.

What’s up with Andriod then? Well, it certainly has an extensive set of support resources for certain languages. Developers can decide between Eclipse and Andriod studio to get the development process underway. Eclipse allows you to perform just about all actions on software development, although it comprises a wide range of tools, it can be extremely slow and time-consuming. Coming to Andriod studio, the most preferred choice among Android developers of late with its new introduction “Gradle”, and enhanced layout design. However, the needful hasn’t been done yet to help developers learn or master it completely.

considering the minimal user base, Windows is definitely not the go-to option for mobile application development. That said, we cannot rule out their development options. It’s masterly worked out to facilitate developers of all stature.

Cost breakdown

It’s really difficult to state an exact figure on how much would it take completely to build a chat application, as it purely depends on what’s your requirement and preferences are. Be it a normal or extended chat application, there are some aspects that are both cardinal and common. Taking all into consideration, we’ve come up with a detailed cost breakdown to build a chat app.

Final words

Developing a chat app demands a wholehearted approach. It all begins with conceiving a feasible yet unique idea and effectuating it by handpicking correct choices, under each and every above-mentioned regard.

Completing a comprehensive analysis of market trends and development, Agriya has developed a native iOS chat application, BlaberChat – WhatsApp clone script. Primarily, it’s created to extend an affordable way for establishing a chat application in a jiffy.

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