An idea that connects customers with businesses, service seekers with service providers and job seekers with employers, is what marketplaces are all about. And the way it transforms our life is remarkable. From commuting to household services, on-demand marketplaces have explored the intense possibilities of the world’s demands. Since being derived from one major idea, every on-demand service vertical focus on one single vision, to deliver essential services immediately. On-demand grocery delivery is not an exception as well. With an efficient on-demand grocery delivery app, one can choose whatever groceries they need and further, they can pay and get your product delivered before long. Here in this article, we provide you a complete guide for building your own personalized on-demand grocery delivery app.

On-demand Grocery Delivery App- Growth Statistics and Figures

The growth of on-demand grocery delivery app is pretty much linear. For instance, in 2015, the value of total sales was $10.1 billion, which further reached $17.5 billion in 2018. This substantial growth rate suggests that the future of on-demand grocery delivery businesses is no longer at stake, instead, it unveils new opportunities. However, experts predict on-demand grocery delivery apps to surpass $27 billion by 2021.

Grocery Delivery App Statistics

On-demand Delivery Apps- The Perception and Contemplation

For better understanding consider the Uber for X. The notion of Uber of X is not merely what are where. It does have some significance, but to satisfy the when and how. Let us break it down for you. Imagine that you have hired some electrical services through an on-demand app. And for your surprise, the concerned person comes a week later. So what really is the point here? It matters that when you want that service to be delivered. Moving on, haven’t you seen Uber asking for reviews and ratings for the services they have offered? This why because they are desperate to know how happy their customers are? They care about the ‘how’ and it makes all the difference.

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What Needs to be Done to Step into On-demand Grocery Delivery?

Certainly, the mobile applications are the key to on-demand service business, but there are certain factors that should be taken care of while involved in the on-demand grocery business.

  • Negotiate and fix a deal with a number of grocery store owners in each locality in your service area
  • Try and convince them to give a discount over marked price or commission over customer’s billed amount
  • Search and find the right delivery services that take complete responsibility for the delivery they are handling
  • Fix a rate for each delivery or a decent percentage of the bill amount

Key Features to Integrate with Your On-demand Grocery App

Developing an on-demand grocery application from the scratch is a process that consumes very much of your time, effort, resources and of course money as always. In fact, it requires a genuine plan, clear-cut determination, transparent communication between teams and a lot of expertise to build an end product that you dream about. The process itself needs some plan and strategies to efficiently proceed. And you should have a clear look at the attributes and functionalities that you are going to implement because it decides the way your application behaves. Find below some of the key features that should consider incorporating into your on-demand application,

Social Authentication Options

Provide flexible sign in/sign up options to make it easy for the users to join the venture. Users can register or login by means of their social media accounts or by regular email.

Smart Search

The first rule for converting an inquiry or interest into sales is ‘ don’t make it impossible for users to navigate your website or app’. Place the crucial elements in the right places, also, provide an advanced search option to help them personalize their search.

Add to Cart

It is not always going to happen at the very moment. Users may browse your website, but it isn’t necessary to buy those products right on. They might return or they might not. But if they want to buy a product immediately, add to cart feature will surely help. Users do not have to navigate to other pages but can browse other products in which he/she are interested in.

Popular/recommended Sections

This is more like giving suggestions to the users. By offering a special feature or element like this, you highlight the best moving products that you have in your store. This is incredibly effective and can drive enormous sales.

Real-time Notifications

The purpose of notifications is to alert or notify users about anything that is relevant to business. Besides, you can notify them about ongoing deals and discounts, greet them on special occasions or remind them to buy some products from their previous preferences.

Authentic Payment Gateways

Since being the most sensitive part of a trade. Money transactions demand utmost significance. Integrate genuine, reliable payment methodologies to ensure credibility and user-satisfaction.

Monitoring and Live Tracking

When it comes to on-demand delivery, the crucial most factor is on-time delivery. If you are not delivering the exact product within the given time frame, what difference will it make? Monitor and track the delivery personals, make sure they are delivering the packages at the right place, at the right time.

Intelligent Actionable Insights

Make crucial decisions regarding your business by decoding the information received from the analytics feature. With actionable insights, you can dig deep into the customer behaviours and actions, which will help you make logical decisions in future.

Different On-demand Grocery Apps in the Market

Grocery apps are of different types, basically, they are segmented based on the way it works and the mode of services they are providing.


Aggregators simply signify this specific business model where they will list the nearby stores on the app. Users can choose their favourite store and start adding products to the cart. And as they finish shopping, they can pay the money and wait for the store to confirm the order. Further, the order will be delivered at your doorstep as the store confirms your order.


Marketplaces are somewhat similar to aggregators except that the marketplace has its own employees to deliver the order at the customer’s doorsteps. This kind of on-demand grocery business can be a little tedious, especially for those who are new to the business.

Single Stores

Single stores are totally independent, they may even have a team for mobile app development process and they themselves manage everything from app maintenance to delivering the groceries at the destination. However, in this sort of on-demand delivery business, you need to have access to all the resources initially itself. In short, you’ve to be well packed and prepared to make it happen all by yourself.

Grocery Chains

Walmart is the perfect example for how grocery chains work. A chain of stores will be part of the business and you should have to manage every store’s order, delivery and more. Besides, most of the grocery chains have an on-demand mobility solution, which is equivalent to a single store at micro level operations.

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