Today’s business world is expanding at a fast pace. Stiff competition, new technological developments, easier availability of resources and cheap labor are some of the factors that influence the rapid development of the market. If one half of their presence is in the physical world, then the other half rests in the digital world. This is applicable to most of the industries that currently exist. This is inclusive of the online Job portal industry which has been booming at a fast pace. But some questions always linger in every individual’s mind who is interested in creating a job portfolio portal. Mentioned below are some of the guidelines that have to be kept in mind while you are designing your own Job portal portfolio.

  • State of the art Job management tools

Prospective job seekers and freelancers would prefer a strong job application management tool which assists them in segregating their self-marketing strategies both online and offline. Ideally, the portal you create must have enough filters in the database of the job seekers which will effectively push forward only certain specific resumes which the employer seeks as per their needs and requirements. Another aspect that you have to think about is time-effectiveness. Does it save time for employers and employees alike?

  • Inclination to a futuristic design

Website designing is considered to be one of the most integral aspects required for designing a job portal. The information uploaded in the profile should have enough clarity and there should not be information overload as it will negate any navigation friendly features. Including tools which have captcha structures will help the users in making easy postings and will also help in avoiding auto-generated captcha postings as well. Last but not the least opening of the page should be easily accessible and not much complex.

  • Implementing an effective Profile Management system

Designing a job portal ain’t that easy, a lot of thought and effort should be put in the development of a profile management system which has an intelligent design and layout. A good content management system would also be a quality addition as it will enable the job portfolio portal to be easily visible to the job seeker. A typical job portfolio website should include features like edits, updates, complete additions as well as deletions. Apart from that, your portal should also be developed in adherence to the modern Search engine optimization strategies, this way when job seekers search for a job portal, your website will pop on the top of the search results.

  • Effective and easy upload of CVs

Any job seeker will be delighted to have his CV uploaded to the website without any hassle. An individual should be able to easily load their CVs in a PDF format. One should also be provided with an option of changing and updating the CVs at regular intervals as and when required.

  • Periodic reminder system

One of the most intriguing aspects associated with these modern websites is the timely reminder system. Reputed freelancing job portals often send reminders to job seekers to update their CVs without any fail, so that they will get more matches based on their updated work information and experience.

  • Must serve as a connecting medium

Well-designed job portals will ensure that they have proper tabs and sections which will allow the job seekers to contact their prospective employers through emails and get calls accordingly to one’s requirement. These job portals will accordingly forward the candidate’s CVs to the companies that are suitable to one’s career requirements.

Final thoughts

The demand for job portfolio portals will never cease to exist as long as the internet and the freelance market exists. Coupled with an ever-growing demand for labor and employment in the market, the future looks bright for those who wish to invest and grow in this particular segment. A well-designed website must have the features which I mentioned above.

However, building a website from the scratch can be risky and rather expensive. Instead, you can avail for freelance portfolio script which is available on the market currently. The advantage with clone scripts is they are ready-made with already in-built loaded features. Some of the features can be customized and arranged based on your needs. You should check getlancer Portfolio which is one of the premier products of Agriya. Basically, this product is a behance clone script developed by Agriya. They are considered by many as one of the prominent web development companies in India who specialize in developing clone scripts.