Great news ladies and gentleman, Version 2 of Rayzz Video Sharing is undergoing its final iteration of testing and feedback and is due for an immanent release at the end of this month (we reckon on the 27th January – but hold that date in mind, see if we can stick to our deadlines…).

With the new version of Rayzz Video Sharing comes a name change to represent the changing business strategy that Agriya will adopt in 2010. Rayzz Video Sharing is going to be renamed to Channel, it’s just a name change, every customer who owns a copy of Rayzz Video Sharing will be able to upgrade to the new version – which is called Channel.

The main changes in Channel are an improved admin interface as well as a completely redesigned front end. As part of our business strategy we want to make sure that all our products are compatible with one another and therefore Channel can be ‘plugged in’ to Volume and vice versa.

The way the new setup will work is as follows:

  • Rayzz 2 (soon to be Rayzz 3) will be the ultimate public community portal with videos, music, games, blogs, photos, groups, forums etc.
  • Channel will be just be a video sharing script which allows people to view and share videos
  • Volume will just be a music sharing / radio station script for people who want to run music sites
  • A new, and as yet unnamed, piece of software will be a photo sharing platform

So let’s say you wanted to run a music sharing site but also wanted to add videos, you don’t want Rayzz because that does more than you want and most features will go unused. So you buy Volume and Channel and simply plug one in to the other and voila! You have a music sharing site with video playing and sharing capabilities!

I hope you begin to see where we are going with our products, maybe we’ll also make an arcade / gamers script as well.

If you can’t wait to see the new version, new look and new name Channel worry not because for your viewing pleasure I have posted some screenshots for you below…