In recent days, we’ve added some new features and fixed some bugs Anova, as you may have noticed. The following article will highlight the changes that we have incorporated.

The landing page has taken a new format to provide all the information available in the site under various navigation bars like Video Questions, Audio Questions, Popular questions, Most replied forums, Featured Analysts, Top Analysts, Recent Debates and so on. The navigation bars can be dragged and dropped to desired locations, to change the look of the page. Users can also close any of the bars they don’t need.

Anova has a new module christened as Debate to have healthy arguments or discussions on opposing viewpoints, often with more than two people. The debate module will help users express their view on any issues, and find other users’ view on the same. Also users can bring awareness on any subject among other people through valuable discussions.

It provides the unanswered questions at the navigation bar to help users answer those first. On single click, users can invite their friends to the site. Inviting large number of friends from their contact list maintained in favorite instant messengers is made easy through the import contact option.

Get the code of any questions and/or answers and embed the content in desired websites or blog, using the Create your widget link option. This is a great way to share the contents with readers.

Our programmers have fixed lot of bugs; like the SQL issue in the embed content page, the template overwrite issue in email templates, the tags decrement issue while deleting and updating a question and css issue in IE7, and added live validation for admin/manage answers page, new style for attachment delete confirmation popup and “Best of Answers” Slider in simple index page. They have also added a new category option while no Parent Category is selected.

The new version of the Anova is with rich features and free from bugs.

See yourself how it works in the demo.