Google keeps an eagle’s eye on modifications they bring to the Android platform to stand ahead of all other competing operating systems. In the wake of the launch of Android N Developer Preview, Google sticks to their plan of embedding advanced features including the Java 8 language support. To lead the norms of android application development to the next level, Google enables simple testing, creation, and validating features in Android N Developer Preview. To back this latest platform Google upgrades Android Studio 2.0 to 2.1 with top class enhancements such as IDE wizards, Android Emulator, Jack Compiler, Java 8 language support and much more. Android Studio 2.1 is essential to develop and validate an application build using the N Developer preview. The use of android studio 2.1 increases the speed and performance of applications created using Android N developer preview.

What features are included in Android Studio 2.1 to back the N Developer Preview?

By using Android Studio 2.1 developers can do latest experiments with Java 8 language. It comes with the beat in class Android Emulator for assisting the testing process. There is also an Instant Run feature to develop, edit, and deploy applications very rapidly. It swiftly update the changes a developer do the app code. Thus, it assists applications to run rapidly.

Let us have a Closer Look

As mentioned above, Android Studio 2.1 comes with the backing of a Jack compiler, Lambdas, method references, and diverse type inferences. Jack compiler becomes extremely useful while using the features of Java 8 language. The Studio 2.1 consists of a New project Wizard { file – New- Project} for accomplishing perfect configurations while developing applications using the N Developer preview. With this studio 2.1, developers can easily update the existing projects or trigger a new project. At the time of testing, developers can create a new Android Virtual Device (AVD), and easily trigger their app on the N Developer Preview by enabling the assistance offered by the new Android Emulator.

In the older versions of Android Studio, a small change in the code used to reflect in all java sources at the time of compiling. Hence, developers were compelled to do compiling many times. In Android Studio 2.1 the incremental Java compilation is included by default. It helps to mitigate the compiling time as it is required. In addition to this, the conversion of class files to dex files has been improvised by including the in-process dex. For the proper completion of this process, a minimum of 2GB memory space is required. Both these features enabled in the Studio 2.1 will improve the total time of development. The Instant Run and general build performance provide an additional edge for this new development platform. Thus, Google has taken many notable steps to increase the application building time with the Andriod N Developer Preview.

Summing it Altogether

Go through the instructions properly before downloading the new version of Android Studio. Get the updates and downloads from genuine sources. Android application developers can create anew AVD for their Android emulator and proceed on the Android N Developer preview with the backing of Android Studio 2.1 for improving the development time of applications.