The emergence of Online appointment booking system and it’s reminder based approach have given businesses a new avenue for accommodating their customers. Appointment booking system is beneficial to both the customers and the business establishments. In order to succeed in today’s technology-driven World, it doesn’t matter whether you have a personalized Salon, a clinic or a veterinary hospital as long as you don’t have a completely automated appointment booking system growth of your business will be stunted.

In order to succeed, organizations have to provide convenience along with effective service and care. Appointment scheduling software’s efficient management of bookings and reservations helps organizations to stay connected with their customers, clients and patients. This results in significant time and revenue savings. In order to find out the effectiveness of Appointment booking software, lets find out its impact in today’s business world.

Enables Quick Report and Record Compilation

Appointment scheduling system eliminates the need to manage information in separate files and folders manually. Information is automatically segregated and maintained safely in the system. Reporting and recording options vary from appointments/bookings to customer details and stats. In some scenarios, it’s customized according to the Organization’s requirements since some companies prefer monthly reports or annual reports.

Acts as an effective E-Marketing tool

Online booking system is one of the easiest and most convenient way to manage email details of their customers and clients. However, in some cases, this can be used to sync with the e-marketing service provider. These emails stored can be used for sending promotional messages. For instance, a dental firm will send notifications about special offers on specific date and time to prospective customers. Some business firms have taken e-marketing to a next level by adding captions such as “Book now” in their messages.

Reduction in appointment cancellations

Business firms which have shifted to Appointment booking software have about 50% reduction in appointment cancellations. A Canceled appointment is revenue lost plus valuable time lost. Online appointment scheduling system ensures the customers are notified prior to two days before their actual appointment hence the reduction in the overall canceled orders.

Centralized scheduling system

If your business is located in multiple areas, scheduling can be centralized. Centralization will assist in the smooth running of the business functions across multiple locations. All the bookings can be diverted in one center, where each operator can book for any customer at any location. All the bookings will be done in real time and the respective staff members in each location will get immediately notified about the booking. Centralized scheduling can streamline the whole business operation.

Easily accessible and convenient to use

People prefer online services because it is convenient and easy to use. It’s no longer an option for customers, it has become a necessity. A survey taken in 2015 suggested that 17% of the patients book their Doctor appointments online and by 2019 it is projected that 64% will book their appointments online. Even Doctors prefer using mobile technology to synchronize their business. A report stated that 85% of Doctors claimed to have used smart phones and mobile apps. Apart from that, more than 40% of Doctors agreed that appointment booking services helped them in reducing the time spent on administration.

Assists in decision-making capabilities

It doesn’t matter if you manage a large organization or a medium scale business, appointment booking software assists in making better decisions. The data it provides can help you in making strategic decisions. Here is a list of information appointment booking software normally provides

  • No. of cancellations per day, week or month
  • No. of fixed appointments by staff members
  • Complete appointment history of a customer
  • Appointments booked due to e-marketing
  • Productivity levels at different locations.

Facilitates online payment method

Since most of the services have a bit of cost associated with them, organizations encourage their customers to pay for their services at the same time they schedule their appointment. This method is beneficial to the organization in many ways, first of all, customers who pay and book their slots are less likely to cancel their appointments. Secondly, the automated payment process can simplify the accounting process and removes the need for manual steps. Discounts, special offers, free consultation for a limited period of time will encourage customers to use the appointment booking services more often.

Saving resources and time

Most of the appointment booking services are completely automated and require minimal human monitoring. This can help you to re-allocate the staff to other important functions. Apart from reducing manual labor, it also helps in keeping your office paper free. This is more relevant in today’s world as it reduces the impact on the environment. Paper usage has reduced drastically over the years due to the greater availability of hand-held devices that can be used to access vital information. Automation also means less time staff engage with customers on phone calls regarding appointments.

Final Thoughts

Due to the technological advancements in the recent years, almost every business firm have installed automated booking system. Many appointment booking software have sprung up in recent times, however, the doubt remains among the people. It’s better you consult or use references in the specific industry to enquire about the credibility of these softwares. In case you are looking forward to developing your own booking system, you can check out Agriya’s ABS – Appointment Booking Software. Appointment Booking Software was developed by Agriya after thorough market analysis and has been equipped with most of the modern features such as a review module, a rating module and social network compatibility. One of the advantages with ABS is that it can be customized according to your specific needs.