Social networking sites have become the easiest path for internet marketers to drive massive amounts of traffic to their sites at zero cost. This article will teach fresh marketers how to use popular social networking sites like Digg, Stumble Upon and Yahoo Buzz to drive traffic.

There is no separate procedure for each site. You can achieve your goal of driving an impressive amount of targeted traffic to your site through any social networking site in just four steps.

Step 1: Signup

Select social networking sites that could offer highest referrers and drive quality traffic. You can select more than one social networking site, depending on how much time you can spend for promoting sites on networks.

Step 2: Profile

Face is the index of the mind. In social networking sites, your profile acts as a face by which visitors see and judge you. So make sure your profile is impressive, and reflects your business well. You can create a profile for yourself or for your brand.

Step 3: Submit content

Provide any content related to your business with a link to your site, under appropriate categories. Keep in mind, that only if people find the content useful, you will get massive amounts of traffic to your site. If it is really interesting, people will review and bookmark your site, and refer it to their friends.

Step 4: Promote site

Actively participate in the social networking site by commenting on and voting for other’s content. Don’t forget to add them to your friends list. If someone comments or votes for your post, add them to your friend list with a note thanking them for it. People generally judge you through friends list, so add as many friends as you can. With the perfect content and an impressive friends list, you can reach the home page of networking sites easily.

As you reach the homepage, the probability of getting traffic is doubled.