Operating system is the lifeblood of any smart phone device, and apple devices are not an exception. A few days before, apple has revealed the embedded features of its new dark horse, iOS9. iOS8 has stunning features and spots high in the list of top performing mobile operating systems. After a lot of research apple has launched the updated iOS9 to capture the attention of both iPhone app developers as well as users. iOS9 is intelligently packed with superior features to nail down stiff competition apple encounters from other glorified rivals, head to head. Here we can analyse how iOS9 becomes a cut above iOS8? What is new in iOS 9?

An elaborated Siri

Unlike the Siri in iOS8, Siri in iOS9 gets assistance for all natural commands we use in our day to day life. Users do not have to search for retrieving details stored in the phone, they can just pass their voice commands to siri to get things done. Say, “Display the images of the wedding I attended in last may”, within seconds, Siri will trace those out for you. It is equipped to do searches with higher accuracy than any other mobile devices. Even it can judge the pitch, tone, and style of regular users. It is not introduced as a security feature, but as an improvisation.

Proactive assistant

Apple always takes a calculated effort to outstrip what google offers to its users. Proactive assistant is in store of iOS9, a direct answer to Google Now. It provides effective assistance to make your daily activities easy. It mixes up your contacts, installed applications, calender, map directions, and music so on to offer you effective assistance. You have the habit of listening to music while you cook as well as drive. In both circumstances your choice of music may differ. Proactive assistant automatically open the music you prefer on both occasions by the time you plug in the headphone itself. It ensures that no data leaks from your device while doing automated tasks.

Superb performance and battery life

Apple claims the new iOS will work with a greater speed than the previous one, and is designed to give results for every task assigned to it in less time when compared to iOS8. One of the parameters of apple devices is low battery life. Apple solves this issue to a great extent by making iOS9 more power efficient, at least to last an hour more.

Multi-tasking, slide over, and split-view

With iOS9 users can handle multiple tasks, a user can move to another app while in the middle of working with first app without leaving it closed. It increases your browsing speed, and instant messaging. Imagine you are composing a mail, and without closing it you can move to other apps by sliding the current app to the centre, and start working on the second, after finishing the second task, you can return to the first task easily. This feature apple calls as “slide over”. Split view is the extension of this multi-tasking concept which enables users to work with more than one application on the same screen itself.

Comprehensive maps

In the latest operating system, apple includes transit directions on the map. Everything user needs on the map, say directions, banks, offices, ATM points,and even eating outs will be highlighted much accurately. Let us wait till the release of AndroidM, to find more excitements with maps.


The virtual keyword users get in iOS9 has options to do cut, copy, edit, past, or including attachment options. It suggests words in multiple languages while typing with more accuracy. Thus users can complete the mailing tasks in less time.


For the first time apple devices are going to receive the feature of Home-kit. It provides iOS9 users the full control of their home. Every appliances user has in the home can be controlled through web browsers with the aid of iOS9. Data will be fully controlled by iCloud, hence users must be careful in protecting their passwords.

“Noteworthy Notes” and flawless security

Your to do list can be very well customized with the help of these improved notes. You can add even images to set the reminder notes. The notes can be opened in any iPhone devices you use. Security features, especially the finger print scanner as well as the six digit pass codes are updated to the higher level when compared to iOS8.

Summing it altogether

In every sense, apple iOS9 is worth updating. It offers individual users, businessmen, iPhone app developers, and even iPhone application development services with endless possibilities.