Service marketplace industry has undergone a sea change with the progress in technology. No customers will have to wait for so long a time to get their refrigerator fixed or gardening done with the aid of real time professionals. Major players in the industry like Thumbtack are making it easy for the customers. The upsurge in the number of newcomers intensified the demand of many a Thumbtack clone script having advanced features. These ready-made clone scripts enable customers to pick out the right person for the right tasks by wiping off all that interaction and ‘faceless issues’. Here let us trace out the evolution of service marketplace industry from its beginning.

A Noteworthy Change

Before the rise of service marketplace industries, customers were only connected to professionals who were known to them or those who were recommended to them by others. Both these options to seek out the right professionals for accomplishing various tasks were made irrelevant to a large extent with the coming up of service marketplace websites. Now the services of photographers, mechanic, personal assistants, and carpenters were made easily accessible to customers on a single platform so easily with the assistance of marketplace websites. Now, the distance to reach an expert service personal is getting reduced to a few number of taps on the specified screen resolutions of a mobile phone. Developing a service marketplace for local services has become a huge hit around different parts of the digital world.

Challenges Faced By Service Marketplaces In The Early Stages

In the initial stages, customers received only limited changes to analyze the skills of service personals. Most times, professionals remained rather a ‘faceless men’ to customers. Customers post their requirements on service websites and they get linked to the experts by means of the website itself. Here the choices for doing customization were limited for the customers. The real need of customers and skills that the professionals encompassed were only partially disclosed. This appeared to be a notable limitation of service marketplaces on the whole.

Solutions Offered By Digitally Advanced Thumbtack Clone Scripts

Latest Thumbtack clone scripts are digitally advanced in terms of features and follow a reverse auction business model. Now, customers can trace out more details about the experts whom they are going to deal with. Reverse auction business models ensure a lot more customization options to customers as well as professionals. It assures a better understanding between the clients and professionals in the domain of service marketplace businesses. It appears to be a right platform for professionals to highlight their abilities to customers in an extended way by means of comprehensive profiles and establish themselves in the market.

A modern day ready-made Thumbtack clone like Agriya’s Getlancer Quote enables smooth interactions between customers and professionals possible by following advanced digital concepts.


Even if the present day Thumbtack clones are far advanced, it needs to be perfect in terms of technology, quality, and authenticity. Accurate verification of skills a professional encompasses should be done, and these experts must be properly trained before they meet the demands of customers. Both these aspects, still remain as a great challenge for service marketplace business in general. However, the industry is adapting quickly to the technological strides as per the whims and likes of customers.